Hey, Fat Losers!!

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight? Are you losing fat? Are you a fat loser? Let’s hear your success stories.

Mrs. Dante and I joined Weight Watchers on January 4th. Since then, I’ve lost 22 lbs., and I’m not allowed to report on her weight loss. Between us, we are trying to lose the weight of one Ally McBeal. We call it the Calypso Floptart Weight Loss Plan. What about you?

You may wish to clarify what you mean by “fat loser”, lest you start a flame fest. Do you mean “losers who are fat” or “people who are losing fat”?

And have I just been whooshed?

Yes, JR, you’ve indeed been whooshed.

I lost five lbs.

My gym just started a program of giving 100yen coupons for every 100g of fat you loose between February and the end of April. My goal is to work off at least 2kg of fat by then.

It wasn’t a New Years’ resolution (it was made sometime before then), but I promised myself I’d enter my thirtieth birthday (in June of this year) in the best shape of my life. Since then, I’ve been hitting the gym three-four times a week, boosting my protein intake and lowering my carbs. I’ve lost about fifteen pounds and only have about ten to fifteen more to go. I’m aiming to be in Beach Body™ shape by June. :smiley:

(And congrats, Dante and Kalhoun! Keep it up!)

have fun keeping it off.

My weight loss resolution wasn’t exactly a New Year Resolution, but I knew it would take some pre-planning and mental preparation, so I started doing all that about the beginning of Dec. and set Jan. 1st as my start date. Hven’t varied from the plan since then, have lost 23 lbs. and 3 inches off my waist.

classy response dr. doomsday :rolleyes:

Thank you for your good wishes, Calc. I’m absolutely no sarcasm was expressed or implied by your post, as that would make you a jerk.

Thank you for your good wishes, Calc. I’m absolutely certain no sarcasm was expressed or implied by your post, as that would make you a jerk.

I’ve been a fat loser with WW since last May. I’ve lost over 45 pounds and a couple of sizes.

I think I’ve already met your goal, Dante, so I’ll see your one Ally McBeal and raise you one Lara Flynn Boyle.


I’m celebrating 5 years this year of ex-porkerdom, having lost 60 pounds.

If I didn’t have such an appetite for cheese-fries, I’d probably be downright skinny.

Would it? What if i said i loved you, would that change anything?

Losing weight isn’t excessively hard, but 95-99% of people who lose it don’t keep it off.

Well, count me in as a big loser - I lost 60 pounds using WW online - and have kept it off for almost a year now. As to keeping it off, lesson is - the changes you make have to be permanent. I changed the way I ate - and I didn’t stop when I hit my goal.


Funny how it comes off different places. I’m one of those guys who carries all his weight in his torso, so I have the skinny arms and legs, no ass, but a big belly, and yes, man-breasts.

norinew and I have lost almost the exact same amount of weight, and I’m still wearing my size 38 pants. They’re loose, and my 36 pants are just a shade too tight, so I’d say I lost about an inch off my waist. But my boy-tits are much smaller (thanks be to God), and my fat head ain’t so fat.

Just thought I’d share. Apologies for the visuals…

In theory, no. In practice… Ever tried to lose 100 lbs., btw?


Well, lessee… popping into a motivational, congratulational ‘success story’ thread on weight loss only to make a sinde, discouraging, pessimissitic remark without adding anything else… Yeah, I’d say that makes you a jerk.

snide remark… I’m really not sure what a ‘sinde’ remark is.

I moved out of my parents house in mid January, and that helped a lot. I’ll eat whatever junk food there is, but I won’t buy it. I’m at 278 right now, which is still a lot, but I was above 300 a few months ago, and peaked at 350 a few years ago. It’s all downhill from here.

Hon, if you’ve lost 22 pounds, I think you alone have met that goal. :wink:

P.S. Congratulations! I’m trying to lose about 15 lbs. (at this point, probably more like 10), but I’m a bad, bad girl on the weekends. I eat lots of cheese.