Weight loss success!

As of this morning, I have lost over forty pounds since the beginning of November!

I started with a two-week water-only fast, and since then I have kept to a fairly strict keto-friendly diet, and have been in ketosis for over a month now. I have lost nearly 5 inches off of my waist, and fat deposits over my entire body have very noticeably dropped off. In addition, my problems with sleep apnea and GERD have completely vanished- no more machine, no more daily doses of omeprazole. I also have considerably more energy and focus than I have had in many, many years.

Mundane, but I felt like sharing!

How did you actually live only on water? That’s amazing. Congrats on your loss. That isn’t so mundane, btw.

It helps to have a generous buffer of excess fat :wink:

And thanks!

Awesome, man!

Great job!

Are you doing this under medical supervision?


Nice work. I’ve had some success with this too, currently at 192 down from 240 about six months ago. I didn’t do a strict diet, but did cut out a lot of carbs and sugar (although I wasn’t really eating a lot of sugar anyway). I think stopping eating terrible food (e.g. a burger and all the fries) at every meal got me most of the way there. The nice part about not doing a strict diet is that I think I can sustain this for the long term. I’m still eating a fair amount of things that I like.

Thanks all!

As of this morning, 206, down from 247 in October, 265 or so at the beginning of the year.

nearwildheaven, I’ve been getting tested and retested ad nauseam over the last two months, due to other issues- blood work, urinalysis, CT scans- so far everything is looking good!

Driver8, awesome! The hardest part for me is not eating bread- I was never much into sugar, but I love me some fresh-baked bread. But cheese and eggs are two of my favorite foods, and I get to eat those with impunity!

ETA: My favorite thing so far was buying an XL shirt the other day… first time I haven’t had to buy a 2X, and it fit with room to spare!

Can you share a good resource for keto? I desperately need help with the menu planning.

Congratulations to you!