Weird Al interviews K-Fed-Ex

I couldn’t find this already posted here, but the search engine has been giving me fits lately. I thought the interview overall was fantastic, and I think F-Fed was a very big person to answer the hard-hitting questions.

“How does it feel to have a closet full of wife beaters, but no wife?”

You do realize the “interview” is fake?

Of course, but so is K-Fed, so it evens out.

“I always aspired to be a real person. And I think I’ve done that.”


I’m a real boy now! :smiley:

“Would it be fair to say that you’re the biggest douchbag ever?”

Would it be fair to say that I’m incapable of spelling “douchebag”?

I watched it, am a big Al fan, and I laughed, but it seemed more mean spirited than Al normally is. Maybe he has a Britney crush or something.

Normally I like AL TV, but this one seemed too short and the videos, most of which were included on the CD, weren’t that great. I wanted to see him broadcast the one he made with all his fans on his website.

Sorry Al, love you anyway.

He ripped Eminem a new one in exactly the same way. That, though, was understandable, since Eminem denied him permission to make a video based on Couch Potato, and was kind of pretentious about it.

I love these videos. I fully believe Weird Al’s a nice guy, but I have to admire the pure level of snark he’s putting out here.