Weird Al’s “White and Nerdy”

Here is the video.

Should I feel like a geek because I understand all the nerdy references?

Also, notice the Pacman symbol when Weird Al raps solo.

Thanks, I really enjoyed that.

Boyo Jim, White Nerd.


Did I see the lightsaber kid (or a facsimile thereof) in there?

Somebody mentioned on another site that the dancer in the video is Donny Osmond. More brilliance!

That cracked me up!

Hey, Weird Al has got some pretty good rap flow going there. The video is funny as hell.

Yeah. I recognized the references in there. Sigh.

Silver1, also white and nerdy… :smiley:

Was that Seth Green showing off the action figures?

Help a wother out (that’s a white nerdy brother, yo.) What is the equation behind him. I feel like I should recognize it, but too many years have passed.


The Star Wars Holiday Special cracked me right up!

All About the Pentiums was pretty good too.

Who are the various “gangstas” in the White and Nerdy video? Actors or are they famous within a different section of the culture?

It looks to be the Schrödinger Equation.

Same here. I paused and from what I could make out it’s:


Only the Delta is upside-down in the video, and I couldn’t find an unside-down delta in the character map.
But damn if I have no idea what it is. And I’m engineer, I really should know! (But not a very good engineer.)

It’s the three-dimensional time-independent Schrodinger equation, as seen here.

I guess you win the “White and Nerdy Award.”

I’ve had a rotten day, and this video made me so happy I started to cry. It’s so nice that at least one thing hasn’t changed since I was six years old.

The video is streaming and so are my tears of laughter. I haven’t laughed this hard since…“Amish Paradise.” Viva Weird Al!

E. Thorp
Weird Al Fan since “The Brady Bunch” (to the tune of “Safety Dance”)

Sorry, I’m back.

Was just youtubing Al. I’d never seen Bob . Absolutely brilliant.

That was a thing of beauty…

Hilarious, AND I had a moment of shame because it made me realize how pathetic it was that I really did get my Star Wars Holiday Special in a kind of shady back room deal situation, and that I thought I was cool and edgy while doing it.

Like (I’d guess) many Dopers, I saw the Star Wars Holiday Special in its first (only?) TV broadcast. If ever a “hangs head in shame” smiley was needed, it’s now.

I’m pretty sure Al’s a Doper. Yup.