'Weird Al' Yankovic has Married

The wedding pictures are posted at his web site:


in the photo gallery


That photo doesn’t look like Al.

I agree with curious george.

I know Al was like hot and stuff :smiley: on the video for “The Saga Begins,” but even with shaving the facial hair and losing the glasses, I thought the curly brown-black hair was natural. Was I wrong? If I was, then Al is quite the hot ticket, and that HAS to be one of the signs of the Apocalypse.

Dag, that’s really weird… well, us bachelors have lost him to the dark side…

NOOOOOOOOO!!! He can’t get married!!! He has to save himself for me :frowning:

I’m so in lust with him… sigh

If you look at the picture above gallery on the main page, it would appear that he’s changed his hair. That might account for it.

No, I WANTED to marry Al! Al is so fucking cool!
Oh well…can you imagine how cool his kids are going to be?
Weird Al is god.

:Joining the ranks of sobbing women in the corner:

And as far as the picture, I thought Al was pretty hot before…but now? Hubba HUBBA!

He shaved his moustache, trimmed his hair and dyed it blond?! He’s not the same weird Al anymore. Is he trying for the Redford look?

is it me or is his wife really HOT?

there is hope for all of us nerds. Thanks Al!

Indeed! She’s quite the cutie.

Every year that I visit the Twineball (“The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota”) I hope to see him there, but alas, no such luck. Yet.

Life is so not fair! And what makes it worse is that she is pretty, and she is probably nice too. That makes it hard for me not to like her.
And wow, I thought I was freakish for having a thing for him. Glad to know that I’m not. Either that or we are all a little off.

He’s said many times that when you see his hair as short and straight, it’s a wig. The long curly locks are genuine and natural, and I thought he’d never ever cut them off…

Maybe it’s all been a huge joke - or maybe his wife convinced him to slice 'em off…


It’s not just the women who are sobbing :wink:

I always knew Al was hot but I didn’t quite realize he was **HOT]/b]

Ooooooh Baby.

Is it me or does he look like Don Johnson?

I can imagine all of the music at the wedding was played on accordion.

I wonder if he did a parody of the wedding vows, just to top things off?

She is probably fake like Al. She wears glasses, has frizzy hair, is out of shape…

That wedding picture is Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston’s wedding shot. They put in different faces - I can’t tell if it’s Al and his bride or not - but the hair and bodies are definitely Brad & Jennifer’s.

If that IS her face, then she still looks cute. I hope he has a great marriage. He deserves it.

That’s definitely Al’s face on Brad’s body. No mistaking that mouth of his.