*Weird* Car Troubles.

Late last night after grocery shopping, I pulled into my driveway. Then when I put it in drive to square it off (I usually leave a little extra room on the left for the trash) it happened.

I put it in D and nothing happened. And this is weird. The D on the gearshift and console just flashed. Reverse worked just fine. So did park and neutral. But drive wouldn’t go. I eventually turned the motor on and off and everything worked just fine.

Little background. I drive a 2013 Chevy Malibu. I have an almost perfect driving record. I recently took it in to the dealership when the engine light went on. They said I needed a couple valves replaced and charged me $1000. Also my cousin for his part said it’s probably a fluke. He says he has a computer in his car too. And sometimes his car seems to have a mind of its own too (his words). Just take action if it repeats itself.

What do the rest of you think?


I don’t know what’s up with your transmission.

But you can buy a code reader at any autoparts store for something like $25.

When you have a check engine light, plug in your code reader. You can see the fault codes, and you can look up the code.

That way, you’ll have some idea whether or not your dealer is robbing you.

If your car is on it’s original battery then check it for voltage as well has alternator charge. 5 years is about the maximum I would trust a modern battery.

Why, you ask? Computers be crazy when voltage drops.

Wow you don’t mention how many miles you have on the car but if you are replacing the valves at 5 years maybe it is time for another more reliable car? I second the advice about the code reader. Usually you can drive to an auto parts store and give them your license and borrow it to read the error and then look it up on your cell.
I wish you luck. it could be just a fluke but I have driven nothing but Hondas recently and I drive my cars into the ground. up until about 170k it is mostly maintenance for me. ( I drive about 15,000 miles per year)

A quick Google search turned up this. It’s not exactly the issue you reported, but close enough to be a possible culprit:

The root cause is, as Magiver surmised, a voltage fluctuation.