Car wont move in drive but can in reverse and gears 1 2 3

So last night i was driving and then i parked my car and went to grab something to eat but when i got back in and started the car, everything seemed fine no random noises and i reversed fine but then i put it in drive and it wouldnt move, after playing around i figured out that gears 1 2 and 3 all were fine so i got home but i still have no idea what is wrong with my drive.

Its an 05 Buick allure with about 260 000 kilometers on it.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

What does it do in drive? Will it roll? Sounds like something could be wrong with the shifter cable, D might actually be N and 3 might actually be D

That’s sort of along the lines of what I’m thinking. Even though you put the car in D, when you first start out, the transmission is still in 1. My WAG is that there’s a problem with the linkage.

If it does the proper thing in each gear position except D, it’s unlikely to be related to the shifter or shift linkage. I suspect an internal transmission problem.

Buick Lacrosse/Allure… 2005… 4T65-e transmission

Actually I think its an electronic selector, and the D position has failed … the little detector, a microswitch, has broken or become fouled.
Its not sending “D”

Ah that occurs down at the transmissions case…

Shifter on floor? Possibly a broken motor mount.

My 21-year-old Nissan pickup (automatic transmission) can’t go immediately from Park to Drive. It can go immediately from Park to 2nd Gear (1st as well). Then if I drive around in 2nd Gear (or idle the engine) for, say, two or three minutes, I can then stop and put it in Drive just fine and continue on without incident.

Truck’s been doing that for about two years (~12,000 miles, about 60/40 city/highway). I have read that some internal component of the transmission is likely sticking, and then gets “unstuck” once the engine gets to running temperature. Not being able to start up in Drive is an inconvenience (can’t safely go more than about 25 mph without overtaxing the engine), but one I’ve learned to work around.

Copes, perhaps your vehicle’s doing something similar? Have you tried warming up the engine (either by driving or idling) and then putting it in Drive?