Weird Chewing Problem

This thread made me think of my own wacky issue. Lately (within the last 6mos?) I have been almost constantly biting my tongue, lower lip or inner cheek. I have no idea why or what has possibly changed but it’s driving me nuts.

Anything I can do, other than switch to a liquid diet?

Are your teeth in good working order?

I was hoping to see an answer, since I have the same issue.
It’s never my tongue or cheek, always my lower lip (usually on the right side). Once I bite it, I have a week of very tentative chewing ahead, since the swollen spot has a big bullseye on it.

If you have an area that remains swollen, you may have developed an oral fibroma. They don’t go away on their own, and you can’t successfully excise it yourself (ask how I know). It can be surgically removed by an oral surgeon.