Weird Childhood Memory - Separation of Gender at Bday Party

Please help me explain this weird childhood memory:

When I was about four or five, I attended a birthday party for a kindergarten classmate. I don’t remember much from the party, but I distinctly remember when the cake was brought out for the birthday boy. All of the female guests at the party were told to sit outside on the deck, while all the male guests were allowed to witness the apparently momentous event of the blowing out of the candles.

Was this some weird cultural or religious thing I just don’t know about? Or were they just strange? I don’t remember that much about the classmate, so I don’t know much more help I can be.

I have no idea re cultural hints, but your age at the time of the event immediately makes me wonder if it was just one part of a game. Unfortunately you only remembered this one bit, leading to a lifetime of making all your female acquaintances leave the room whenever you wanted to eat cake/blow out a candle/have a party.

Alternatively, the parents or organisers may have been doing something to do with “magick”. The blowing out of the candles, and wishing for what you want, are a daft little game to most folk, but some would see it as a sort of a spell. Two similar candle-wish spells on this Wicca page involve leaving the area after the spell has been performed to “let the candle magic do its work”.

Why get the girls to leave? Dunno. Why during the blowing out, and not after? Dunno.