Weird Earl-- Language Removal???

From the “Weird Earl” section of the Straight Dope front page:

This is the most bizarrest thing I’ve ever seen.

I’ve scoured the site for an explanation of what this is: the faq, the history, the nature-- and I can’t figure out what the hell it is they’re trying to sell.

Can somebody please explain to me what “Language removal” is?


It’s obviously a stochastic implementation of non-invasive language codification and reification.

Can’t you read gibberish? :smiley:

Reification, eh? And I was only halfway through my ification. Drat. My ificator blew a greme, and I’m waiting for parts. It’s always something.

I humbly second the OP. I read through the entire page, and I still have absolutely no idea what the hell these guys are doing with their customers.

Sounds like Esperanto for dorks.

Naah, can’t be, slortar. Esperanto is a hell of a lot more understandable than this stuff. :smiley:

Ah, but true dorks like to make even the most mundane and pointless exercises as complicated as possible while expressing their actions in the most elaborate language possible. I went to grad school with fluffheads like these. :wink:

Ah yes. Using language to obfusctate, obscure and add pretense, rather than to clarify and communicate. You’ll be glad to know that, as a technical writer, I am an avowed enemy of obfuscators. :wink:

I still can’t get it out of my head that that site is a parody, but of what?

I think they’re removing language from the air and storage it on magnetic tape.

That doesn’t explain the medical implications, though.

What if these people got to our corporate leaders, or even (gasp) the President? :eek:

Too late. :wink:

Heh. Have you listened to their “ecstatic opera” examples? Wretched stuff. I think this must be some sort of Dischordian plot to destroy music.