rant on crazy english language

the way i feel about certain things in the english language is just, well, ineffable. never the less, i will attempt a thorough effing here. the listless and feckless masses just don’t do it justice, so with my list intact and all my fecks gathered round me, i will find explicable what others have found inexplicable…

okay, so it’s an awkward paragraph to point out the ridiculous abberances in the language, and i know that we ‘explicate’ as a partner for ‘inexplicable’ and technically ‘explicable’ works even though it’s pretty awkward, but c’mon people, what’s a feck? do i have one? should i talk about it in mixed company?
hehe, okay clearly my day has been long and unproductive, but what other words like this can you think of? i lead a dull existence and this keeps me amused, thank you teeming millions!


While this rant is full of ertia, it remains one of the most irony-filled posts I’ve ever seen.

Just say no in future, panache.

Hrmmm…I reckon I just a’int gettin yer point there buddy. S’pose you laberate on dis…