Weird Earls--Mr. T---try this

Go to

Then, type in

to discover what Mr. T thinks of current White House News.


ROTFLMAO!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :cool:

Try this link

another good one to try is

OMG do

It’s so funny!

Better still, try

The Merkin article!

HOODY-HOO! :smiley:

remember it’s


Whatever you do, don’t put in www-whitehouse-com because it is a porn site. No really. I thought they were going to try to shut it down but it seems it’s still up.
edited to remove direct link to porn site - and I’m still laughing about this - UB

You didn’t intend for your third link to work did you The Mermaid? Cos it does…

No I didn’t. I previewed and realized it was a valid link and was going to replace the (.) with (dot).

I was just really hoping no one else noticed.

Moderator’s Notes: I’m going to assume this was just a real silly mistake; it certainly made me laugh anyway. Could be the botched post of the week.

Unfortunately this was a genuine mistake. I only wish I was witty enough to do it on purpose. Please edit as you see fit.

Mea culpa.

But not before all the Mods got a chance to, ahem, “test” the link.

Spoil sports :smiley:

Hey, I came into this thread looking for stuff about me!

You mean there’s another Mister T?

I pity the fool!