You HAVE to look at this soon, it may change

I was alerted to this by a fellow tech friend of mine, seems that George W aint who we think he is!
< for those of you that don’t catch it, trust me, this aint the George W. we know! >


Okay, and how did the White House miss that little error? :slight_smile:

That is funny. I wonder when they will catch the mistake.

Y’know, all during the election, people kept saying that Dubya looked like his dad…

I finally see it.

I hate to say it, but we have an impostor. See this page:

And compare it to

One’s the official government site, and one is something else, though I don’t know what.

That is a prank page. Somebody lifted this page and put it up on a similarly-named server. But it ain’t the real whitehouse server. Note that none of the links from the OP page work.

is the pic supposed to be of his dad, is that the joke? Please! I want in!!

Yeah, the pic on the .org page is Papa Bush.

Inaugural Address
Read the Inaugural Address they have for him. Its funny stuff.

To point out a couple of good quotes.

Funny stuff. I like it.


Call me old fashioned but isn’t the irony in the idea that dad and his cronies are making policy decisions…sorry, advising policy decisions ?

Didn’t used to be a porn site? I know a friend of mine (no, really!) got in trouble at work for pulling up porn when he meant to go to the white house page.

Nope Smeghead…instead of a .org or .gov it’s .com…not sure if it’s still a porn site though…

If you change the .org or .gov to .com, you get a whole different picture of government.


Ahhh, yes. Thanks.

If you do a whois lookup on the domain…note the email addy of the admin… :slight_smile:

Satire On-line (WHITEHOUSE3-DOM)
678-B Ralston Avenue
Belmont, CA 94002


Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Billing Contact:
Pace, Mark (MP156) pace@ILLUMINATI.ORG
63 Bovet Road, Suite 209
San Mateo, CA 94402
650.212.3765 (FAX) 650.349.5176

Record last updated on 18-Sep-2000.
Record expires on 06-Sep-2001.
Record created on 05-Sep-1995.
Database last updated on 10-Feb-2001 04:50:49 EST.

Domain servers in listed order:


Yup. Still is. (, that is.)

Imagine the reaction my friend the high school history teacher got the day after she suggested that her students could search for answers for their history assignment on line at “, other sites like that…”

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