Weird Earl's Submissions

Why is there no easy link to click to send Weird Earl’s submissions? I always have to hunt around to send the submission.

Good point. Tuba handles submission requests, but I think you have to email her.

We could either turn this thread into a “Post your Weird Earl submissions here”, or you could use the “Report Post” feature in the OP of the thread you want to submit, and just mention in the report that you would like to nominate the thread for Weird Earl.

Which do you think might work better? Problem with the first method is the thread could get ridiculously long, and submissions might get drowned in the cacophony of discussions about each nomination, and cause a lot of harmonious discord. I like the second method. It’s easy for you to do, and easy for us to forward to Tuba’s email. I’ll check with Tuba if that works for her.


xash – Weird Earl’s is for sites elsewhere in cyberspace, so “report this post” wouldn’t work, though it would for Threadspotting nominations, which are for threads here at the Dope.

Oops :slight_smile: That’s right. I was thinking Threadspotting.

Anyone have suggestions? Maybe a weekly Weird Earl thread in ATMB that is only for submission links, limited discussion, and purged every week?

Or, how about this? Have a thread in ATMB with just an OP (locked thread) with instructions to report the OP and include a link of the website you want to nominate. This would go directly to Tuba’s inbox. Yes?

Having a thread with weird Earl’s being nominated defeats the purpose of submitting it. Everybody can see what is linked to. It also becomes the same as a link neat sites post that we already start once in a while.

Having a link on the main page that brings up the email address would be best. No digging required for the email address and people know about how to submit Weird Earl’s.

This isn’t the first time I’ve submitted. It’s just I have to dig up the address to submit and people that don’t know have no idea what to do. It’s a problem I’d like the board administration to know about.

If you’re talking about a link to Tuba’s email address, it’s right there front and center on the Straight Dope front page.

“Send your nominations for Threadspotting and Weird Earl’s to Do it today!”

Is that what you were looking for? Or am I misunderstanding you?

ETA: clicking on the SDMB banner on top of any SDMB page takes you to the SD front page.

I see it now above the Thread Spotting. It’s so small and a light pastel it’s hard to spot. Maybe a link near Weird Earl’s would help. By the time I scroll down to the Weird Earl’s section the email link is not on the screen.

I’d rather people continue to send me email – it’s really the best way to go, though I suspect a lot of people don’t quite understand how this works.

I’ll talk to the guy that does our front page design to see if we can’t get this happening in a way that’s more visible. And I’ll put an announcement on the board as well.

I am low on submissions and I can always use Threadspotting and Weird Earl nominations – I’d rather have them sent directly to me so more people see it for the first time when I put it on the front page. If all this is another thread on the board it takes some of the fun out of it.

I apologise for my ignorance, but could somebody tell me what this is all about?

Scroll down the page to Weird Earl’s. That’s what Weird Earl’s are.

The Archive gives you a good idea of what you’ve been missing.

Thank you. I’m one of those people who have virtually never looked at the Straight Dope itself.

Go to the last panel here:

I do realise my unworthiness. I’ve tried washing myself in hamster juices, but the dirt remains.