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The other new feature we just started on the main screen is Weird Earl’s (weird URL’s, get it?) - links to nutty websites we’ve found. Anything to help the Teeming Millions kill a little more time at the office. Post your suggestion for Weird Earl’s here. If we pick yours, why, we’ll just steal it - giving due credit to you, of course.

Hi boss! I found this one. Just put another web site into the window, and it gets “Jesusfied.” Try it with the SDMB; it’s hilarious!

For those that aren’t psychic, the site Manhattan is talking about is

“It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest.” - Adam Smith

Are you trying to imply that Ed doesn’t know everything?

::skulks away in shame::

Here’s one going out for all the cats and kittens, who are sure to enjoy…

I read this site every single day.
Acts as a clearing house of weird news.

So sorry
Romenesko’s Obscure store and Reading room

Here is a question. Any rules regarding Wierd Earls? I have a couple that while undoubtable weird and funny are questionable in their morals. i.e. The St. Paul prostitution photos. Very funny, contains photos of everyone arrested in the last week for prostitiution. Howevever I do feel a little guilty heaping more shame on these people then they really need. I mean some of them haen’t even been convicted yet. Anyone else have thoughts on this? Should a Weird Earl be tastefull, should it avoid ridiculing people? Or does anything go?

Well, we won’t post links to naked teenage sluts, most likely. Other stuff I dunno. Post 'em and we’ll have a look.

Well, this is going to be a barren source of amusement.

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Among men, yes. Among fools he is a king."

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Euty, Shhh. He just said we wouldn’t post them. We can still email the url’s amongst ourselves.

Don’t you just hate it when people try to make a word plural by adding 's instead of just s?


I have over 2000 posts, dammit! Show some respect.
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NEW UBB board, all are welcome:

Opalcat should listen more to CD’s from the 80’s.

Here goes. This get’s updated weekly.

Um, hello? The King of all,, or its religious counterpart, (or even a direct link to their advice columnist, Betty Bowers).

And since we’re in the biz of combating ignorance, don’t forget our friends at

Oh, and the brunching shuttlecocks have those android name generators and Alannis Morisette song generators, and somebody out there had given me your Wu Name generator.

And in deference to all the trolls here, is a great way to show people the wrong way to web. :slight_smile:

And my favorite:

“You’re right - I am a thumb!”


Ask the Gay Guy! (or, if you prefer the Jesusfied version, Asketh the damn Priest Guy!)

“Never assume a malicious intent when stupidity will explain just as well.”

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Saint Eutychus H.M.S.H.
" ‘He is a prince’ , the minstrels sing.
Among men, yes. Among fools he is a king."

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