Weird eBay happening

Last month I put a Magellan GPS receiver on eBay. The winning bidder never sent the payment and would not respond to my emails until I filed with their Square Trade division. He says he was out of town on “urgent family business”. Why wouldn’t he have responded to my email before responding to the Square Trade people? He now says he wants to discuss the auction.

I have already relisted the item and decided to eat the fees from the original (about $6).

I checked into his other biddings. He had placed bids on about 10 other similiar devices and “won” 4-5 of them. He apparently didn’t pay for one of them since another seller had left him negative feedback. When he bid on mine, he had just joined eBay and had no feedback (now he has a -2).

Does it seem odd that someone would bid on so many of these devices?

AFAIK, they aren’t collectible.

My guess is he bid on several hoping to win one (assumng they all ended about the same time), or some variation on that theme. He won all of them and is officially a big twit.