Weird, funny, unexplainable song lyrics

Here are some lyrics from one of my favourite groups, Yes. Enjoy.

Shiny, flying purple wolfhounds show me where you are (from Yours Is No Disgrace)

A seasoned witch could call you from the depths of your disgrace
And rearrange your liver to the solid mental grace (from Close To The Edge)

In and around the lake, mountains come out of the sky and they stand there (from Roundabout)

Even Siberia goes through the motions.
Hold out and hold up;
Hold down the window. (from Siberian Khatru)

All the lyrics written by Jon Anderson. Cut and pasted from

What are your favourite funny/obscure/weird song lyrics?

Pearl Jam’s Yellow Ledbetter. For years everyone tried to figure out what Eddie Vedder was saying, and then when we finally knew, it didn’t make any sense. An excerpt:

“And they called and I said that I want what I said
And then I call out again
And the reason oughta leave her calm I know
I said ‘I don’t know whether
I’m the boxer or the bag’
Ah yeah ehh…
Can you see them
Out on the porch
But they don’t wave”

Great song, possibly the band’s best, but completely incomprehensible.

Its an obscure song that a friend of mine pulled off
If you ever come across it… DON’T LISTEN TO IT.

Hitler F%#ked Your Grandma.

I don’t even think I could post a single line from it on this forum.

They Might Be Giants, anyone?

Now, allow me to rephrase. They have brilliantly written songs but no matter how obscure, you can really read into them. My favorite of which would be “Fingertips” Allow me to explain:

Everything is catching
Yes, everything is catching on fire
(Everything’s catching on fire)
Everything is catching on fire (everything’s catching on fire)


I hear the wind blow
I hear the wind blow
It seems to say, “Hello, Hello,
I’m the one who loves you so.”

Hey now everybody now
Hey now everybody
Hey now everybody now

Who’s that standing out my window?

I found a new friend
Underneath my pillow

Come on and wreck my car (come on)
Come on and wreck my car (come on)
Come on and wreck my car (come on)
Come on and wreck my car (come on)

Aren’t you the guy who hit me in the eye?
Aren’t you the guy who hit me in the eye?

Please pass the milk, please
Please pass the milk, please
Please pass the milk, please

Leave me alone, leave me alone

Who’s knocking on the wall?

All alone all alone
All by myself

What’s that blue thing doing here?

Something grabbed ahold of my hand
I didn’t know what had my hand
But that’s when all my troubles began

I don’t understand you (I don’t understand you)
I just don’t understand you (I don’t understand you)
I don’t understand the things you say
I can’t understand a single word
I don’t understand you (I don’t understand you)
I just don’t understand you (I don’t understand you)
I cannot understand you (I don’t understand you)
I don’t understand you (I don’t understand you)

I heard a sound, I turned around
I turned around to find the thing
That made the sound

Mysterious whisper
Mysterious whisper
Mysterious whisper
Mysterious whisper

The day that love came to play

I’m having a heart attack
I’m having a heart attack
I’m having a heart attack
I’m having a heart attack


I walk along darkened corridors
And I walk along darkened corridors
I walk along darkened corridors
And I walk along darkened corridors

Of course, it could symbolize the life of someone…

Someone left the cake out in the rain
I don’t think that I can take it
'Cause it took so long to bake it
And I’ll never have that recipe again
Oh, no!
*Mac Arthur Park. sung by Richard Harris [of all people] *

I wanna f**k a dog in the ass…thats song by Blink 182

Millencolin- Bullion

If I only had the strength to make some muffins
Then i swear that i would share them with you now

They Might be Giants- Particle man

Particle man, Particle man
doing the things a particle can
what’s he like? it’s not important
Particle man

Is he a dot or is he a speck?
When he’s underwater does he get wet?
or does the water get him instead?
Nobody knows, Particle man

And ofcourse, Ween- Mutilated lips

Mutilated lips give a kiss on the wrist
of the worm like tips of tentacles expanding
in my mind, I’m fine, accepting only fresh brine
you can get another drop of this, yeah you wish
can anyone beat that?

From Lou Reed’s “Andy’s Chest.” In fact, I think that entire song qualifies.

a snippet from Weezer’s Dope Nose, off of Maladroit:

For the times that you wanna go and
Bust rhymes real slow
I’ll appear, slap you on the face and
Enjoy the show
Cheese smells so good
On a burnt piece of lamb

Um. Okay.

From a band that used to be so lyrically strong, that album disappointed me a tad. At least the instrumental side of it rocked.

“Titanic, fare thee well/
My eyes are tuning pink.”

-Beck, Lord Only Knows

Ronnie James Dio has come up with some doozies in his day. Love the guy but…

“Ride the tiger; You can see his stripes but you know he’s clean; Oh don’t you see what I mean” (Holy Diver)

Oh, no. I don’t see what you mean.

“You can hide in the sun till you see the light” (Holy Diver)

I understand “see the light” but why the sun, cause it’s so bright? It sounds kinda cool?

“If your circle stays unbroken; Then you’re a lucky man; Cause it never, never, never has for me.” (Invisible)

What circle - circle of friends, circle of life ?

“We bring you beautiful; We teach you sin; We can give you a piece of the universe; Or we will disappear, Never to return again. And all the fools sailed away” (All the Fools Sailed Away)

One of my favorite songs. But who are the fools ? Is he being sarcastic ? They reject us because we use free thought ? Why do we teach sin ?

From the 1960’s - 2 songs which never made any sense to me:
The Weight
The Mighty Quinn

In the song “The Weight” they mention Miss Moses which I think is a reference to Harriet Tubman.
The chorus goes
“Taka a load off Annie
Take a load for free
Take a load off Annie
and… you put the load right on me”

profound LOL

incidentally, the SDMB frowns on posting entire lyrics to songs. (copyright laws, that sort of thing). I noticed that some of you are new to The Board and might not be aware of this. Just thought I’d let you know. (Oh and I did not report any of you to a moderator.)

The chorus from “Pork Soda” by Primus:

Grab yourself a can of pork soda
You’ll be feeling just fine
Ain’t nothin’ quite like sittin’ ‘round the house
Swillin’ down them Kansas wine

I don’t get it at all, though “Pork Soda” is some rather vile imagery.

It’s got to be “cans of swine”. And yes, it’s some vile imagery.

ZebraShaSha, if you watch your CD player during Fingertips, you’ll see that each section of the song has a differnt track number. I remember hearing that They recorded it that way so that if you played that disc with the shuffle feature turned on, the various parts of Fingertips would be mixed in amongst the other songs.

You’re right, I muddled that a bit. The chorus is “cans of swine” and later there is an “I like Kansas wine” lyric.

My memory could be failing me, but I thought the line was “Take a load off and he put the load on me.”
No cite, just how I remember it . it makes more sense , I think :slight_smile:

Arc of a diver effortlessly my mind is sky when i wake up

we’ll hold today for ransome til the quartz clock stops, until yesterday

Lyrics by Viv Stanshall, who committed himself voluntarily at one point and who eventually committed suicide.

A little older from They Might Be Giants, from the song Cowtown:

“The yellow Roosevelt Avenue leaf overturned
The ardor of arboreality is an adventure we have spurned, have spurned
A new leaf overturned.”

LOVE…Arthur Lee
“ooh Bip Bip,ooh Bip Bip,Yeaaahhhh” 7 & 7 is

       "I go Slip,Slip, You go Slip,Slip, Away" Message To Pretty

Gum…Richard Harris did not Sing, “MaCarthur Park”
He Performed it !