Weird Habits of the Rich/Famous/Powerful

I’m not seeing how any of that is weird. College students of all ages do stupid stuff, regardless of their income. And if you don’t have to worry about your rent, you aren’t going to worry about your rent.

While I’ll agree that most of the things you mention are different from most folks, it’s not like it doesn’t make sense.

And is should probably be noted that the number of people who gets dressed up like Renaissance people is probably higher on this board than most other places, inclusive of rich people.

It’s hard to define what is a “weird habbit” and which ones are strictly limited to the wealthy. To the local townspeople in the depressed steel town where I went to college, we probably all seemed like a bunch of spoiled weirdo rich college kids. I find a lot of investment bankers and lawyers kind of weird. They don’t really do anything weird, other than work 100 hours a week and have no outside interests or hobbies other than Hampton’s houses they can never go to because of work.

I also find the various reality shows about Real Housewives, Kardashians, Jenners, Hogans, Hiltons, and the various Laguna Beach spinoffs weird in their odd boringness. They do the same stuff the rest of us do - date, bicker, shop, gossip, lounge about their residence, shoot the shit in a bar or restaurant. The only difference is they have more money and are a bit better looking. Mostly it just seems like a bunch of people with too much time on their hands trying to keep busy.

If I have to watch reality shows about rich people, I want to see rich people doing bizarre-ass shit. Secret Eyes Wide Shut mascarade sex parties. Hunting humans for sport. Demolishion derbies with Ferarris and Lamborghinis. Paying people a million dollars to dress in giant diapers and wrestle until they crap themselves. Real fucked up shit only rich people can do. I don’t need to see them doing poor people stuff. I can find enough poor people to watch on my own.

But at a business meeting?

Growing up wealthy and knowing lots of wealthy people, I’ve never seen anything like that.

While there certainly are orgies in the world, I believe that most swingers groups are more middle class. Wealthy people couldn’t afford the publicity (plus, simply, being a minority group it’s going to be hard to find a lot of others in the same class with that interest.)

Hence why such material would warrant inclusion in celebrity television.

Well I’ve certainly seen Top Gear launch cars on a giant rubber band gun. But they were using old beaters, not Lamborghinis. And of course that was for TV, not for their own amusement.

We noticed. We’ve just been keeping quiet, out of politeness.

I would have stopped at “have more money.”

You can’t buy good looks. Cannot. You’re either born with it or you aren’t. You can buy makeovers, plastic surgery and personal trainers and fancy clothes but that will not make you better looking.

Quality clothing, makeup, diet, and exercise can go a decent way towards making a person look good.

For instance, there’s a flight from Los Cabos, Mexico that stops in LA and Seattle. You can clearly tell who is going where because the LA people are better looking. And it’s not just because good looking people all move to and live in LA (though I’m sure that’s a small factor), it’s because people who live there take better care of themselves. Seattle people don’t dress nice, don’t try to have a nice haircut, nor try to look fit and trim. The result shows.

I completely disagree, I think the core component of good looks is facial beauty, and that’s something that can’t be bought. And cosmetic surgery can only go so far.

The LA people might look good, but I think there’s a difference between “looking good” and “being good-looking.” One of them is a temporary state, the other is something more or less permanent.

There are a lot of beautiful, beautiful women hidden under 60 pounds of fat - and there are a lot of really ugly women who are fit, trim and dressed “sexy.”

Technically true, but practically speaking irrelevant.

Naw, however weird you think I am (which could easily be rather a lot), I’m definitely weirder than that. It’s a simple function of the fact that you haven’t been to my house or seriously investigated me and my hobbies and opinions.

Rich/famous/powerful people, on the other hand, have reporters, interviewers, and television news crews going to their house and seriously investigating them. So if any given population of 100 people has 25 people who are absolutely freaky in some secret way, then you’ll know about 1 of those 25 people from the 100 commoners, and 24 (or 36) of those 25 people from the 100 rich people.

Sure, the fact that rich people have more money to throw behind weird hobbies (and drugs) than the rest of us might be a factor too, but I seriously think that exposure likely plays a much bigger part in this phenomenon.

Rich people have a lot less at risk by doing “weird” things. Most of us have to behave normally because we might lose our job tomorrow and have to look for another one. But if you’re independently wealthy, it doesn’t matter if the cops come out to bust you for playing bongos in the buff. You’re not going to apply for a job as schoolteacher in a few years.

I also agree that your average American is doing some pretty weird stuff, but probably doesn’t have the time or money to get that much into it. You want to see how weird people are, take a look at their private web browser histories. :eek:

Am I really the first to point out the irony of one of the Fotheringay-Phipps pointing out the weirdness of rich people?

Good buddy of mine worked in a hotel in Maui, and she said the hotel staff did not want to clean his room because he crapped in either the shower or the tub. Not like that is a world class cite, but it was pre internet back in maybe 1995 or so.

I guess if you’re into daily enema’s for whatever reason, that *might *explain it.


If I have to watch reality shows about rich people, I want to see rich people doing bizarre-ass shit. Secret Eyes Wide Shut mascarade sex parties. Hunting humans for sport. Demolishion derbies with Ferarris and Lamborghinis. [/QUOTE]

You shoulda been around in 1972.

Quote from the cite: -" Evel Knievel’s Rolls Royce, which was donated, was used in a demolition derby televised event in 1972".

There were also, if I remember correctly, various late model Cadillacs and Lincolns and so on. They didn´t really demolish the Roller, just bashed in a few corners, and the driver spent most of the event driving backwards trying to protect the very expensive radiator, but still…

Tell you the truth, I first heard about it on these boards, under a thread called “What celebrities are complete bastards?” and heard rumblings elsewhere. I can’t swear to its veracity. It’s an irresistible image, though.

Maybe he’s still trying to figure out the clam shells.

More like indelible. Much to my dismay.

Sure it can. High-quality prenatal and child medical care and nutrition make all the difference in the world. Regular dental and orthodontic care, braces if necessary, attention from dermatologists, good nutrition, good health habits, not having to do outdoor manual labor, all of these things will make a huge difference by the time someone is an adult. Not to mention life circumstances. If one doesn’t grow up in an environment where one is likely to have one’s nose broken, that makes a difference.

Let’s not forget grooming, dress and diet either. Poor people tend to eat like shit in this country. They buy a lot of fast food and other cheap, fattening food with questionable caloric value. Wealthier people also tend to have a lot more time and money for grooming themselves. You can take 2 genetically similar attractive 18 year old girls, one from a lower income working class home and the other from a more affluent home. Fast forward 15 years. What will the Poor Girl look like wearing Target or yard sale clothes, marrying her high school sweatheart, popping out a few kids and 15 years of eating pizza, fast food and meals made from cheap starchy food? What will the Rich Girl look like in trendy current fashions, 15 years of working as a single girl in an image conscious urban area and doing pilattes 4 times a week?