Weird IE problem . . . can you diagnose?

Okay, its like this,

I have just talked to my dad over MSN messenger, and he is having a bazaar computer problem. The problem starts when you try copying, pasting, cutting or deleting ANYTHING, anything at all… on desktop, windows explorer.

I am very computer literate, and I am stumped.

We have been over many options, and none of them have worked.

The message displayed on screen is: "…A fatal error has occured. Failed instance of file: server admin. " Then it gives you two options-> “Ok” and “Cancel”. If you click cancel nothing happens, and if you click ok it brings up the message “Windows Explorer has caused an illegal operation and will be shut down . bluh bluh bluh…”
Then the loop starts if you press “Ok”. Because it will just bring up the first message that appeared. And again, cancel just doesnt do ANYTHING

For one thing, this message doesnt make any sense.

My dad has a P200 MMX intel, 64 Mg RAM, 4 gig HDD, Win 95 (2nd Version)

Any stabs in the dark or solutions will be warmly welcomed.


I have no idea what is the matter with your dad’s computer. I DO, however, know that you’re not likely to get the best answer possible if you use this sort of thread title. A moderator or administrator will, if emailed and asked nicely, change your thread title to something that will give the viewer an idea of your problem. Most people DON’T read threads with such vague titles.

Oh yes, and I am immature enough to think of a thread name like that.
Rest assured it will never, and I mean NEVER, happen again.

You have my word, as little as it may seem, considering we are total strangers.

Nuff said,

Any furthur HELP will be appreciated.



Explorer (as shell) is crashing…as for why…

Well, have you changed Internet Explorer recently? (I believe it updates explorer.exe for the Active Desktop stuff, and things). If you don’t have 5.5, try installing that…if you have Active Desktop turned on, try turning it off, and vice versa…

If all else fails, you may just want to re-install, rather than spend ages trying to find the fault…it could be a lot of things (incompatible dlls somewhere?)

Last thought…go to and have a look for the entry for Netbus. I’m just wondering about that “Server admin” bit…

A nice third party maintenance program would probably spot whats happening.

You’d need to scandisk then defrag then run ‘system file checker’ from the run menu type: SFC
follow what it says.

I had a similar problem once. The problem turned out to be a bad mouse. Try a different mouse and maybe another keyboard if you have one.