weird irrelevent websites in random search

Sometimes I will search for a specific string of words and get a whole bunch of completes irrelevent websites that just happen to contain the words I’m searching for.

For example, I just did a search for “krill oil evidence” on Yahoo. search results.

A whole bunch of sites come up that have what looks to be a relevent quote. From the second link:

(italics mine)

The title of this page is "Behr paint painted dr scholls " and the web address is

Link seven:

Page title is “Spike angel tattoo” and the address is

If you click on the links, you get porn pages. Obviously, this is a ploy by the porn sites to drive up clicks. My question is: how is it done? Are there servers out there with pages and pages of previously generated random words? It looks like somehow there must be a reference to a medical site somewhere. I also just noticed that none of the pages are cached. Were the web pages generated as a result of my search?

Before someone else points it out, I’ve posted a similar question before. This question is slightly different (and obviously something that I’m obsessed about :slight_smile: ) and I had the perfect example to illustrate it.

Google bombing or spamdexing may explain some of your observations. Out of date links may cause some, too. Tricks like white text on white background make stuff invisible to humans but most search robots haven’t caught on to that yet.

That same Word Spy site describes other techniques like search jacking and page-jacking, all of which give Google the fits.