Why is my name on this website?

A friend of mine e-mailed me a link to a now nonexistant website (I saw Google’s cached page of it).

All that is on the page is a couple hundred random words with no syntax. Roughly halfway through the random text is my full name, first and last. My name is a rather rare one, and I would like to know what this is all about.

Any ideas?

It was on an old page from yale.edu titled “Christian Curbsite”

Oh, I forgot to mention, some of the random words are linked to dead pages and e-mail addresses. My name is not linked to anything, and the other words that are linked are not names, just random words.

Well, now we all know what your name is. Heh. It’s not that uncommon a name. Google comes up with 56 hits. It’s probably a coincidence that the name on that page matches yours.

I’ve talked with the other couple people with my name, but it still makes me wonder why that is the ONLY name in that long list of words. And does anyone have any idea what that site is about?

Well, it isn’t the only name. I see Tim there in the beginning, but no last name. No idea what that site was, and since it’s now defunct, there’s probably not much hope of finding out.

It looks like the content of the page (whole site) is random gibberish and your name was randomly generated.

Maybe there is a Borneo Ott out there thinking the same thing. :slight_smile:

ps I like the wordplay on your moniker.

There’s pages all over the web that are random stuff lifted from other places. Each page title itself is lifted from another site as well.

They’re used to catch google searches and usually automatically redirect to porn sites or equally dodgy places.

Isn’t the internet wonderful…

Thanks for the info, everyone. Curiosity cured.

Thanks, It worked better with the old software, it let me have my name look like “CLAYTON_e”.

That is - without doubt - the most alarming page on the internet.

I think “feature berg privet” is what really does it for me…

Hey, it looks like JustThink wrote that page.

Borneo Ott?! I haven’t seen Bornie since high school! Man, he sure had a way with, um, nevermind…

If you have a look at the ‘current’ version of the page you’ll notice that it totally regenerates everytime you load it.

The page in google was just the random incarnation that google generated when it was last searching the site. I can’t actually see the point of this particular site’s use of this trick, other than to fill google’s database with rubbish and freak out people with unusual names.

I have randomly run across pages like this before, as well. They do look spookily creepy. I picture the Squiddies from The Matrix just on the other side of the screen.

The best that I can wager is that these types of pages are the result of some sort of CGI that is created by a search engine or spam software.

These types of programs are set in motion and pretty much run by themselves, unsupervised. It just shows you that underneath the pretty HTML, there are living subsystems working away.

I looked into this, just for grins.

Half of the links are to a cgi bin, with random words to form an “html”. i.e the link “Balsam malpractice” evaluates to http://joyce.eng.yale.edu/~bt/school/report.cgi/malpractice/balsam.htm

You can change balsam or malpractice to any other random words and still get a valid page. So it is just a cgi that generates random pages with links back to the cgi and randomly generated mail addresses.
I wonder if the point of the cgi is to trap web crawlers looking for email addresses?

… otters?

Every time you refresh the page it re-creates a totally different text.

I found some intriguing concepts:

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