Someone put my name on their website

Well, not my name, but the name of a friend of mine. This wouldn’t be a big problem in general, but the website is one of those totally obnoxious porn sites with popups galore and every other annoying javascript widget you can image.

So, my question is this, what can my friend do about this? When you Google his name, THAT website shows up on top.

Tell everyone not to visit the site? :wink:

Why would someone do this? Is it a name that is rare (nobody has it but your friend)? If so, I don’t know what your friend can do, but there might be something. But if it’s a name that more than one person has, then your friend is shit out of luck.

Yeah, it’s a very uncommon name. I suppose it’s some kind of grudge thing I guess.

Naw, they just farm the words from other sites and put together names randomly. I went through a period of time when I got spam with the names of various friends and family members in the title. It turned out to be total random coincidence- out of the thousands of random names they send out, a certain percentage of them are bound to be the same as people you know.

Theres not much you can do. Names are generally public information and arn’t in the control of the holder.

Actually what they did is copy part of a news article that had the person’s name in it, and I believe they have that snippet reproduced several times on their webpage (albeit hidden text). I still very much doubt the random thing, this guy’s name is very unique.