Weird localized computer problem

Two of my buddies are having a very weird computer problem. They are both roomates, and recently they have been experiencing problems, like lock ups or failure to boot at all, but only in their apartment. Everywhere else the computer works fine. One computer has a message that comes up saying, “check acelerometer.” The only thing I could think of to explain the issue was that perhaps a magnetic field in the apartment was disdurbing the acelerometer device which the computer uses to shut down the hard drive when it detects a sudden fall, and the computer won’t unlock the disk. Any thoughts?

If I had to take a WAG, I’d say bad wiring in the apartment, causing current fluctuations that the PSU in the computers is ill-equipped to handle. If they have access to one have them plug in a UPS and run the computer off that to see if the issues disappear.