Weird mouth pain help

Hi I’ve been having very sharp mouth pain. It pulsates and feels like it’s coming from behind my toung maybe? It only happens when I suck on hard sour candy. I think it has something to do with the salivary glands

Salivary gland is a good thought, especially if the pain is one sided. Sour candies do promote salivation, and could cause pressure to build up behind a duct obstruction.

An ulcer in the mouth could become more painful with sour (acidic) foods.

Salivary duct obstructions and mouth/tongue ulcers can both be either benign or malignant. If the symptoms persist (longer than you might expect a cold sore to last), I suggest you make an appointment to check this out, preferably with an ENT doctor, if you don’t have to go through primary care docs first.

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