Weird mutant life form discovered in North Carolina sewers

There’s some freaky s*** (perhaps literally!) living in the depths beneath us! Here’s a video feed from a snake-cam that was sent down into the sewers beneath a North Carolina town. Video. Yee-ikes!!

But the video does come with this dubious caption:

It’s alllllliiiiiivvvve!!!

News explanation of what it is. Still look like giant autonomous cancer to me.

This was previously discussed.

It’s the twitching that gets me.

It’s a Mgalekgolo!

When I find out who posted videos of my colonoscopy to the internet, there will be hell to pay.

I know! Isn’t it fucking gross? That twitching though takes it to a whole new level of nasty.

It’s all about the scale. They’re around 12mm across.