Weird numerology thing I discovered (both mundane and pointless)

I recently found a book, packed amongst a bunch of other stuff I haven’t used for a long time, which I didn’t know I still had. It’s about astrology and numerology, which I generally believe to be utter nonsense. In particular, I scoff at all of that 9-11 numerology stuff – that the terrorist attack had something to do with the fact that it’s the emergency number, or that the digits add up to 11, which looks like the WTC… all of it, complete bull, IMO.

But, just for giggles, I started playing, figuring out my numbers and such.

And now I know why my life is in the pits now.

My name adds up to 9, or 11, depending on whether I use my middle initial.

I’m startled, to say the least. It’s kind of creepy. Thank goodness I don’t believe in this stuff.

Do you have more than one middle initial, then?

Nope, just one, but on the numerology table, it counts as a 2. Each letter has a certain, assigned value (1-9) on the table.