Weird Occurrence

Just a little while ago, for no good reason I can recall, I had the idea to do a Yahoo! search on Larry Evans the chess grandmaster who assisted Bobby Fischer in writing his chess book My 60 Memorable Games and who played a simultaneous exhibition in Nashville in 1968 (or so) where my brother managed to draw him.

I found this: and this jumped out at me:

I was awestruck! That was yesterday. I verified the news at but I’m still struck by the coincidence. I didn’t have any special reason that I’m aware of to do that search.

How often do such things happen to you?


That happens to me all the time. It usually turns out I’d heard a note on the radio (which is on all day in the office) or seen a banner or headline (or forum thread title) when browsing the web. Then my subconscious picks up the ball and goes to play with it and it comes down the pipe a day or two later as one of “my own” ideas.

I do it with things related to my oldest daughter fairly often. Not enough to be freaky, just enough to show us how in tuned we are with each other.

I think this happens to me on occasion too, although sometimes the coinsidence is not always easily explained, like when some random song jumps into my mind when listening to the radio and then a few moments later it is played on a station that I just happen to scan…

Thanks for the replies. What’s so strange about this even for me is that as best I can recall I hadn’t had a thought about Evans, Fischer, chess or anything else connected with any of those notions in quite a while. There was a chess thread weeks, if not months, ago, but that’s been too long for me to have conscious thoughts about it. (I won’t speculate about my subconscious.)

As far as I can tell (or reconstruct) this just happened. And the jolt came when I spotted the death note on the wiki article and how it referred to yesterday. It took some scrambling for me to verify (by way of the US Chess site) that the info was even for real.

I have had some of the sorts of things such as already described by others to happen to me every so often. But nothing as spooky as this one.

That’s just common or garden psychic ability. We all have that. :wink:

Hell yes.

I was working overseas and someone asked me about Steve Irwin. Although I’m Australian I knew almost nothing about him because I have a low tolerance for animal bothering and cartoon Aussie-ness (G’day cobber!). The next day I had some spare time so I looked him up on Wikipedia and laughed - it seemed someone had vandalised the page to say he died a few hours earlier, stung to death by a stingray of all things. Ha ha ha - the animals finally get one back. That won’t stay up long, I thought.

It’s still possible that I heard the news subconsciously and that is why I looked at his entry, but someone definitely did ask me about him the day before he died and as far as my conscious mind is concerned I looked him up for that reason.