Weird Pimple

I rarely get pimples anymore, but periodically something will pop up that needs to be taken care of. 2 weeks ago, I had on odd moment where one had come up on my jawline from shaving. Tiny little thing that I could feel more than see. I gave it a squeeze, and instead of a blackhead, out came a hair. It was obviously a mature whisker, about 1/4 inch long. Having had an ingrown hair before, I realize this can happen, but the weird thing was that it came out perfectly straight, and did not appear attached under the skin. Eh, interesting, but nothing to write about.

Well, Friday I felt a bump on the very tip of my nose, right above my left nostril. Throughout the day, it got progressively sore, and red. I manipulated it throughout the day to get it to rise to a head, which it did late on Friday, so I gave it a squeeze. It hurt like hell, and I only got a tiny amount of pus, so I decided to let the little guy take care of himself.

This morning as I was shaving, I noticed that the swelling was gone, leaving just the hard bump. It looked like a prime target, so I squeezed again. Instead of a blackhead, I got 1/3 of an inch hair. It looked like an eyelash- Thick and stiff. Much like the one from a couple of weeks ago, it came out perfectly straight and unattached.

How the heck could this happen? It’s not like I have a lot of hair on the end of my nose, other than the tiny little ones that come out of every pore. Nothing like this though. Perhaps due to the proximity of my nostril, it was a nose hair that was ingrown, and ended up coming out the other side of my nose? Was some tiny little hair growing for decades that finally decided to rise to the surface? This has been bugging me all morning.

Check the palm of your hand for a pentagram. Sometimes only a gypsy woman can see it. You are definitely suffering from Lycanthropy, in layman’s terms, you are a werewolf.

My husband gets these occasionally. I believe that they are hairs that are in the resting portion of their cycle, and thus are relatively unattached. In the case of your whisker, you’d shaved it off, it grew a bit and then started resting, and then you squeezed it out.

Just in case this happens again. . .


I concur with my esteemed colleague’s diagnosis; all the symptoms indicate you’re well into phase one of your inevitable transformation to a bloodthirsty beast. I’m sorry.

Cheap silver has always made me itch. :dubious:

I get these all the time (well more in summer due to sweating and better growth conditions for the bacteria). I have been told by several doctors and one dermatologist (also a doctor) that I have a topical infection/infestation by a bacteria. The bacteria gets into a hair follicle and wreaks its havoc- usually a super hair (i.e. bundle that looks like 5-10 hairs grown together) that then gets stuck and doesn’t come out properly leading to the true pain, infection, and “popping”. They recommended washing my face with soap really well before shaving and then using after shave (with alcohol) afterward. They come and they go during the seasons(winter= none). But I do notice that Tetracycline will rid me of them for a couple of months whereas Ampicillin/Amoxicillin doesn’t have an affect.

I find that the moment I feel one starting- if I tweezer the pore while squeezing, I can usually get the hair out before the real pain, bump, and resulting sore get nasty. I have never really had acne or bad skin other than these so I can’t really complain.

Isn’t anyone going to link to Broomstick’s epic thread? Think of the [del]children[/del] werewolves!

Sounds like Morgellon’s desease to me. . . ::shiver::