Weird PMS symptoms that are not addressed by Midol et al?

I get VERY clumsy and also get my words all mixed up when speaking. I also get very hot and my skin gets very flushed.

Lady Dopers, any of you have strange PMS symptoms?

Just curious …


I get the clumsiness, ‘brain fog’–I forget things easily and lose track of a conversation, and I want to eat anything and everything that isn’t nailed down.

Yeah, that about covers it.

Another vote for brain fog on the first day. I once ran a stop sign (and got ticketed for it, reffa steffa shneffa) coming home from my sister’s – a route I’ve driven somewhere around a billion, a billion and a half times, so it’s not like I didn’t know it was there.

Yep, clumsy, dropping everything, foggier than usual and one that I really hate: can’t make a decision to save my life, even the dumbest smallest things. Paper or plastic? Oh my God, I don’t know!!! I mean on the one hand the trees need to be SAVED, poor, poor trees. But plastic? Not only do they clutter landfills for eons upon EONS, but the plastic is made from, OIL, another natural resource about to dry up and then, THEN WHERE WILL WE BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE? And it’s ALL MY FAULT!!!

I tend to meltdown a bit easy at the time, as well. And you watch yourself doing this stuff and it’s like this out of body experience. Who the hell is the madwoman in the produce aisle crying over snowpeas? WHY WON"T SHE STOP??? Hate it, hate it. And the thing I"m having a really good time with is, now that I’m well into my 40’s, this can happen at any time. There’s no schedule required. Every 28 days is out the window. It’s whenever my body feels like it. Yah, cause once a month just *wasn’t enough. *

I get the brain fog and the mood swings…it’s just like when I’m not getting enough sleep, so my theory is that I need more sleep around that time and I’m not getting it, thus the sleep-deprived symptoms. Do I try to get more sleep? Of course not…

Excessive sleepiness.
Intense carb cravings, especially for ice cream.
More klutzy than usual.

This is probably due to water retention, but I always have to pee in the middle of the night during that week.

My sister says her feet become more sleuth-footed when she’s PMSing. That makes me laugh just thinking about it.

Klutz here. This is the time of month when I will do things like throw my head over to blow-dry the roots–a maneuver I perform often–only at certain times of the month I am more likely to crack my head against the sink.

And brain fog–because I always forget about this until I crack my head on the sink . . .

I get the clumsiness, too. I’m also prone to forgetfulness. I’ll lose my keys at least once, and forget where I parked the car. Oh, does anyone else get diarrhea during that time?

Yup, forgetfulness and general spaciness.
Mood swings, insomnia, hot flashes, intestinal “distress”.
Swelling on all body parts.
And cravings for sweet then salty, sweet then salty…

The joys of womanhood.

I would, um…what was I saying? Oh, yes. Start sentences and COMPLETELY FORGET what I was going to say in the middle of the sentence.

Word to this. Sometimes my appetite is so out of control that if I feel like I could eat until I burst and I’d still want to cram more food into my mouth. It’s not even really hunger, it’s just a desire to eat, if that makes any sense.

I also get very easily overwhelmed by things…things that I normally could handle with no problem seem like insurmountable problems, and I despair very quickly.

I never used to suffer from PMS until a few years ago, so I had always thought of PMS-related mood symptoms as, like, being cranky just because you’re physically uncomfortable, and it took me a long while to realize these crazy episodes were actually caused by a change in my brain chemistry and I wasn’t really getting possessed by a demon tapeworm or something. It’s still kinda scary to me how my thought patterns change so drastically during those few days a month, and how little control I have over my brain.

Really severe mood swings, where I’m ready to burst into tears because someone finished off the last of the chocolate ice cream, or because a television show I like was preempted. I feel like the least little thing will set me off

Fluid in my ears, to the point where I can’t even turn my head slightly without that weird, swishing noise in my ears.

I have one symptom of PMS which I think may make someone very happy these days. You see, instead of getting cranky like the stereotype has it, I get horny! :eek: No, I’m not lying or making it up; I swear it’s true! If any of the other ladies around here also suffer from this, I’d appreciate hearing about it.


Clumsiness? Check.
Moodiness? Check.

I also suffer from constipation in the 3 days before my period. If I can’t poo, that’s my cue to run to the store and stock up on the femplugs. It’s my body’s favorite trick, yes indeed; let’s add constipation-bloating to water retention and see if we can swell up enough to float out the door!

And I must have chocolate. Once I was eating a chocolate bar and my husband reached over for a piece and I knocked his hand away and snarled at him. Now he buys his own.

Sleepiness…I want to go to bed as soon as I walk in the door from work.
Diarreha…Usually the day before, or the first day of.
Appetite Increase…This is usually a good time of the month to clear out the frig. Leftovers? What leftovers?
Horniness…Usually the last two days of, and so bad I’m climbing the walls.

When I was on the pill, I would have horrid mood swings. One second I’d be bursting into tears over absolutely nothing, and the next second I’d be ripping off the head of anyone who asked me if I was okay, or what was wrong. After about six months, I threw them into the trash. My Gyn says some women have that type of reaction. Off the bcp’s and the mood swings are much less intense (maybe half a day like that, opposed to several days like that), and my periods are shorter. On the bcp, they last the full 7 days, off the pill I’m finished in 4 days max. (Plus, on the bcp, there was almost no sexual drive at any time during the month, which is worse than climbing the walls.)

I’ve only been off Depo Provera for a month and a half (recently went on the pill), so I can’t definitely say what my current reactions are, except that I’ve spent the past month feeling like my body is one big cramp; however, I remember being incredibly horny, but bloated and moody. So, even though I was so horny, I didn’t want to have sex because I felt so fat. It was awful, and made me even moodier. Plus, the added tearful question, “Do I look fat?” My husband always refused to answer me when I did that. He’d say that he already knew that whatever he said, it’s the wrong answer. And he was right, but I’d pry it out of him anyway. “No, doll, you are gorgeous.” “But, I’m soooo FAT!!!” “You are the most beautiful woman on earth.” “No, I’m not. You’re just saying that so I won’t get mad.” And around and around we’d go.

Other symptoms: extreme fatigue and a big craving to eat nothing but nachos and popcorn. Oh, yeah, and I used to get the runs so much that I often lost up to 10 pounds during my week of PMS-ing. Sorry for the TMI, but I used to feel much less fat after that. It’s sick. I know.

Whew … it’s nice to know I’m not the only one with the clumsiness during that oh-so-special time.

I often get a really upset stomach too - usually a few days (yes, days!) of constipation followed by a few days of the ‘runs’ … good times …

I’m always pretty horny so it’s hard to say if that increases during PMS, but I’ve heard that is a fairly common side-effect / benefit.

I’ve been on the Pill for years but stopped taking it a month ago, because I’ve been getting a lot of headaches, and my doctor thought maybe it was Pill-related. I’ve found that even though it’s just been one ‘cycle’, my PMS symptoms seem very exaggerated right now.

But there are other things going on in my life (see my threads about our new dog) that may be contributing to the stress factor as well.


One of the things my diet has mostly eliminated are false hunger pains, that gnawing, never-ending hunger that you can feel even if you’ve just eaten a big meal (sometimes called Chinese food syndrome). But if I’m PMS’ing, they can come back full force, and they’ll drive me insane. Nothing like being bloated, feeling fat, and wanting to eat everything that’s not nailed down to make your self-image just plummet.

Check to the klutziness, brain fog, intestinal distress, and horniness. In addition, my sense of smell gets completely thrown off. Smells intensify, and things smell strange, and I don’t know which way is up until I realize what’s going on. The last time I really noticed it was when my mother hung a clean shirt of my BIL’s in my bedroom to dry, and I told her it reeked. She insisted it was clean and smelled only of laundry, but I thought it was doused in musky man smell.