Weird smiles creep me out

I like scary movies and most scares just shock me and then I move on but sometimes there is a scene in a movie or TV show where someone or something smiles in a weird, creepy way and it freaks me out. It could be a smile that goes too far or that has creepy horrible teeth or any number of reasons. They don’t show up often in horror movies but scenes like that get me every time.

Anyone else?

Yeah sure, weird smiles can be creepy. Very creepy. It has more to do with the situation or the look on the face than teeth, for me. Vincent D’onofrio’s smile in Full Metal Jacket is about as scary as a person can get, and Jack Nicholson got some good mileage out of his sneer in, “The Shining.”

You mean this one?

The link in your post was light grey in color when I first saw it (meaning it’s a link Firefox recognizes as one I’ve already clicked on), so yeah, that’s the one I meant. I thought about linking to it as well. :smiley:

Every time I see Paula Dean on the cover of her latest cooking magazine, I have a strong urge to reach for my shotgun for some reason…

You mean like Tom Hanks’ botched facial reconstruction smile?

There was an episode of Buffy (“Conversations with Dead People”) where Willow is supposedly talking to the ghost of a very sweet girl who died earlier in the season, but she’s not who she says she is. At the end of the conversation, the girl starts to smile and it gets wider, and wider…freaked me out more than anything else I ever saw on that show.

I thought of Buffy too, only I was thinking of The Gentlemen in “Hush.”

Not TV or a movie, but real life. Last month I went to a restaurant and was greeted at the door by the maitre’d. He gave me a big forced fake “trust me” smile that almost made me run away. Think Tim Curry in Clue. I started looking around for the casket he was going to put my dead body in.

I was going to make a joke about Elizabeth Shortbut in searching for the photo I linked to I unfortunately ran across photos of the real Elizabeth’s er, smile, and it didn’t seem all that funny anymore.

Who can forget Karen Black in " Trilogy of Terror"? That might be cheating, though, since she’s wearing those teeth.

The chauffeurin " Burnt Offerings " was pretty damn menacing, though looking at the picture now I realize his scary factor was more due to context.

I’ll come back with more that aren’t from cheesy '70s movies.

Yep. The Burnt Offerings Chauffeur. Eeeeeeeee!

You probably don’t want to click this.

Of course the eyes have a lot to do with the creepiness as well.

Whatever you do, avoid the old horror movie Mr. Sardonicus.

Conrad Veidt has a face you can trust

Check out this deleted scene from Terminator 2…

Reverend Henry Kane from Poltergeist 2 had a pretty creepy smile. His gaunt face in the film was supposedly attributed to the fact that the actor was dying of stomach cancer during filming.

I don’t think that’s a deleted scene. o.O Unless everything I’ve seen has been extended editions.

Chucky (both of them):

I beg the OP not to look at the image on this TVTropes page.

Yes, it involves makeup, but it was the first image on that site to actually creep me out.

I should have listened to you…