Weird thing I saw on CNN

So I’m watching the CNN Newsroom for no apparent reason, and they have something on. It doesn’t seem to be a promo for an upcoming story, though it may have been. The story was about the 30th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death. So, anyway, the anchor (or at least I think it was the anchor) was saying, to a clip of Elvis singing Jailhouse Rock, he said in a bad Elvis impression “Grace-land! Grace-land! This is Tenn-uh-thee! We’re going to Grace-land!” Umm… :confused: :smack:

Sounds like the guy chose to quote the “Graceland” (that’d actually be “Mem-fuss, Tenn-uh-thee”) for the occasion. Unfortunately, that’s a Paul Simon song, not an Elvis song, so it makes him look like an idiot.

All he said was “Tenn-uh-thee”, no Mem-fuss.

You wrote he sang “This is Tenn-uh-thee!” You may have misinterpreted “Memphis” as “This is”. Or the anchor did.

The Paul Simon line is “Graceland, Graceland, Memphis, Tenessee.” You said the anchor sang “this is Tenessee.” One of you probably misheard “Memphis” as “this is.”

ETA: jjimm beat me to it.

He also said it with quite a lisp, so that may have caused it.
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