Weird toilet problem

My toilet was running so I dismantled and cleaned the korky quietfill valve. When I reassembled water does not flow in at all. Any suggestions?

I don’t know that valve. Looked at quick picture of it and am not sure how it works.

I suspect that the float (which seems to be the valve itself) is stuck in a high or top position.

Note - you can poor a bucket of water in the tank to flush it until you get this sorted out.

Just to rule out the obvious…you did turn the water back on, right?

Prime it with a bucket of water.

After I cleaned everything up somehow the toilet went from running to no water. I finally unhooked the supply hose and it was blocked with debris. I removed it and now everything works. I am not used to two things being wrong.

Handyman here, welcome to my world.

Happened to me too. I actually replaced the valve but somehow debris got into the fill line.

Maybe air block somewhere in pipes appeared