Weird Wild West Mafia/Werewolf/Psychopath

**Welcome to “Weird Wild West” Mafia, a mafia/werewolf/psychopath set in a unique old west town.

This game designed for anyone to play. It is not targeted at veterans or newbies, so if you are interested, jump on in! A brief overview of the rules will follow in the following post.

Good news! I plan for the “Daytime” to be from Monday-Friday in this game, I know many play from work, so I want to make sure that the town has plenty of weekday time to play.

Anyway, here we go. Please, read the following introduction to get a basic understanding for the color of the game.

:enter cool storytelling mode:

Times were simpler then. 

The tiny village of Weirdsville is a simple, peaceful town that consists of a relatively small population of peace loving individuals. It is populated by families, who take care of each other and look our for the common good. Evil had no place in their town and the villagers made sure that everyone knew it. Everywhere you look in town, there are various signs that hang as reminders of the simple morality the townspeople hold. Some signs say things like, “Love thy neighbor,” while another near the saloon says, “Drink only in moderation, if at all.” 

Towns like Weirdsville are a safe haven for common goodness and a stern warning for evil. Nothing ever entered Weirdsville that was not aware of the goodness of life and the guarantee of peace that it ensured.

Until recently.

The entire town was recently shocked when, out of nowhere, there was a crime committed in Weirdsville. Late one night, the mayor’s 16 year old daughter, Lucille, disappeared. Lucille had a reputation that was pure, with not a single blemish on it. It was impossible that she could run away. A search party formed in the morning and returned with bad news.

Lucille was outside town. She was completely naked and she had been beaten badly….there were bruises all over her body. Whomever did it had then strung Lucille up by each limb in a tree. He head was torn off….as if sawed off with a serrated knife. It was inside a wrapped box on the ground below her body….like a horrifying Christmas gift. Large thorns were punctured through both eyes. Fresh, wet blood streamed down here face from the puncture wounds.

Her mouth hung open as if had been awake when they punctured her eyes, her last moments screaming. Inside her mouth, there was a note. It appeared to be written in her blood. It said:


“Well,” said one townsperson, “Looks like them there rumors I been hearing is true!”

“What rumors? Speak plainly to us of these rumors!” replied another.

“Uh, gosh, I dunno. I just been hearing crazy things about……uh, them…you know….them….”

“Them who?” asked one townsperson.

“Uh….them….Crimson Thorns,” continued the townsperson, “Yeah, they some kind of…… ‘group’, I ‘spose. They go around targeting villages like us….don’t really know why. They almost always kill and they usually do so in a very unique way….it’s what they are known for. Thorns in the eyes sounds right, too. Think I heard they did that back in Mainsville as well. It has to be them.”

The town murmured a distinct sound of concern. Who were these Crimson Thorns? Did they want anything? What could be done? Were they already living among the townspeople?

Something had to be done and it had to be done as soon as possible. Weirdsville’s purity and innocence must be protected! The Crimson Thorns must be destroyed!

Sign-up sheet is below:

  1. Zeriel
  2. Storyteller


My bad. Ignore this post. :slight_smile:

**More specific “Mafia” game information:
Each Day, the players in the game will vote to lynch/kill one person. Whomever receives the most votes dies and is out of the game. If it is a tie……you’ll see. 


  1. One faction is called “Townspeople” and is comprised of individuals who live in Weirdsville. Townspeople are this games version of “Town”.

  2. One faction is called, “Crimson Thorn” and is comprised of members who are in the Crimson Thorn and do their business. Crimson Thorns are Weird Wild West Mafia’s version of Scum.

I will answer no questions about the existence/nonexistence of any additional factions, nor will I answer general questions about power roles and so forth.
Lost Mafia Guidelines/Rules:

Other rules to keep the game organized:

Votes are in bold and blue, like so:

[COLOR=“Blue”]Vote Mahaloth

Unvotes are in bold and red:

Unvote Mahaloth

Mod questions are in bold and green:

What happens if the lynch vote is a tie?

If I do not respond to your question, I either missed it(ask again), or I am ignoring it. If I choose to do so, I will tell you that I am not answering it, but I don’t “have to”, so to speak.

Do NOT PM each other about the game.

Nights are 2 days long, Days are 5 days long. They may get shorter as the player list shrinks. I’ll announce when Night Zero(an intro Night with no kills or power usage) begins after the signups are complete and we’ll go from there.
If you think a player has quit without telling us, please post in purple and I will either replace them or kill them.

Replace Mahaloth with Johnny Appleseed

All town strategy must occur during the Day. Because the townspeople are so busy trying to protect their homes and loved ones, they do not meet out in public at Night and are unable to communicate in any effective way.

Only fluff posts are allowed during the Night. If you “talk strategy” during the Night, you may assume that the death will almost certainly follow.

Editing of posts is allowed. After I PM you your role, please confirm with me that you received it and are ready to go.

I hope you guys enjoy the game.

Good luck to everyone and have fun!


Mahaloth, should I be spoiled, or just go directly to forbidden, and not collect $200 dollars, Do not pass Go?

ETA : Crimson Thorn? Really?

Please Add Me Too Thee Liszt.

(which is to say, please sign me up for this here new game)

Sure why not.

I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but can we assume that you’ve vetted the setup with some veteran players beforehand, to make sure it’s balanced?

add me to the spoiled list please.

I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but can we assume that you won’t be using your program this time?

(Fair is Fair.)

Telcontar, As you are more or less /Out as well, would you mind mentoring me on the ins and out this game?

OOG, I have always thought your play was superb. My experience with your play shows a Very good Town player, and a Sueperior Scum player.

All of that to say, I would like your input on my commentary over in the spoiled this game.

I’d like to play. In the past, sometimes I’ve been unable because it gets a bit complicated for me when there are a lot of factions to keep track of. But this seems simple–town vs. scum. I like the simple games. Well, okay, I suppose there could theoretically be other scum factions, but on the face of it, there’s only a couple of things to deal with. No testerizing machines and the like. Sign up Freudian Slit!

I have, but would you like to volunteer to do it as well? I’d appreciate the help.

If possible, I’d like to sign-up. I’ve played one game of mafia in the past.

Since my only current Mafia involvement is helping Hawkeyeop with admin stuff for his current game…


I need to keep my hand in.

Quoth Meeko

The program itself wasn’t the problem, but that we were feeding it wrong assumptions. Thing is, everyone was assuming that we had four Scum, with or without the program. And when I tried running the program for the case where there were a total of three Scum, it honestly reported that it had no idea whatsoever.

That said, quoth Mahaloth:

That would, of course, mean that I couldn’t play this one, but on the other hand, I do think I’d like to see another game’s worth of data to validate the assumption my program is based on (that, overall and on average, Scum will always vote for Scum less often than Town will). What the heck, sure, spoil me, and I’ll give my critiques.

That doesn’t actually happen in most games. Early on Scum will throw away votes on other Scum to avoid suspicion if one or the other comes up dead, and later in the game Scum will gleefully bus other Scum for Town cred. Look at what Tel did in the last game! Or look at what Natlaw did in Dr. Horrible. He gleefully bussed the Godfather, in a situation where he could easily have gone the other way without anyone batting an eye, and everyone was 100% convinced there was no way he could possibly be scum. True, scum lost in the end, but that was because there was too many confirmed people for him to hide.

Well, there’s no reason you can’t run the program on the data from the game, even if you’re not actually playing in it.

I have pmed you and await your feedback…over on the spoiled thread.

Quoth Nanook:

Hence the “on the whole” stipulation: Telcontar may have voted very Townily, but that was balanced out by Zeriel and ShadowFacts’ votes. It is definitely possible for an individual Scum to hide from my program, but not, I think, the whole team.
Quoth Tom:

Right, that’s what I mean. I’d like to test the program more before using it again, which means trying it on a game I’m not playing.

Black Bart Says Draw.

I’ll be gone on the weekends for much of August. And if I do… this’ll probably be my last Mafia game for the year before school comes round to kick my ass again. Hmmm.