Weird XP/Outlook problem

My father gave us his two year old Dell with XP. I had our broadband hooked up and went into Outlook to put my new email address in. I deleted his identity and made mine the Main identity (he had nothing in the Main one and had his email as a secondary account). His address is no longer loaded into Outlook. When the “Welcome” screen comes up, though, it says “8 unread email messages” (his) under my profile icon. What is up with that? How do I get rid of it? Where is it getting that information from?? I’m only passably computer literate, so keep it simple :slight_smile: .

Check your MSN messenger, does it say there are any messages there?


Did you check for his old account as well? No .NET passport ID? Under user accounts in the control panel click on the user accounts (yours/his/all of them) then in that screen in the upper left there is “manage network passwords”. See if there is more then 1 passport ID there. If so, I would try to log in to the other passports messenger, go to their inbox, and mark everything as read.

Only my profile (formerly his) had “manage network passwords” and it was empty. I may delete that profile completely and make myself a new one.

Hmm, ok. Well that means to get rid of this you may have to go into the registry. Go to start-run-enter in regedit. Go to


and look, in the right hand window for a value called Message expiry date, change this to 0.

As always, if you don’t know what you are doing, please backup the registry first. To do this please read this