Email Question- Need answer fairly quickly

A client of mine is receiving this error when emailing using Outlook 2003:

#32050 was generated by by MAPISession. Logon failure: valid session ID already exists.

He closes Outlook and reopens it again and continues along his merry way. Then, BAM! 20 minutes later he gets the same error. I checked to see if Outlook was his default email program, and it is. Any PC gurus know what the heck this error means and how to fix it? Buy you a case of beer.

BTW, his OS is Windows XP SP3

I would reboot the entire machine, not just Outlook. I would also see if I could change his password. If there is something else logging in as him somewhere else, or on his machine, it would be kicked off if he had a new password.

I don’t know. But my WAG is that someone else is trying to log onto the network with his credentials and it’s kicking him off. Recommend a change of password and see if it helps.

Probably some other program on the machine sending emails that’s conflicting. For example, Crystal Reports will dump to Exchange.

This. Thank you so much, rachelellogram! Now, how do I get that case of beer to you?:smiley:

So, my valid answer before hers was too wordy?

Sorry ZipperJJ, you’re absolutely right. Second case of beer being sent your way. Thanks for your help!

I don’t drink beer! Just pay it forward :stuck_out_tongue: