Weird YouTube videos.

OK, this is strange: På tynn is 4 / On thin ice 4
Some guy in Norway skating on a lake - 2m24s
He appears to have nearly 60 videos.
Different guy singing - Mattstache

And some fluff - a dog who’s brake is worst than his bite 17s

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Rubber Johnny

That’s disturbing. :eek::frowning:


I don’t have access to Youtube at work, but if you’re interested, type “Kesha Shakey’s” into the Youtube search box. It’s about the origin of the dollar sign in Ke$ha’s name. It all started with a “Happy birthday Ke$ha” sign outside the restaurant, and how her life has gone downhill since that day.

Here’s the link to the Kesha video:

Pogo’s Alice In Wonderland

I saw this dude late at night on CSPAN once. Thought I dreamt it. Here is a lesser known presidential candidateVermin Supreme yukkity :confused::dubious::stuck_out_tongue:

Cat With Hands, a short film

Local man accused of sexually molesting his 6-month-old daughter - filmed by his wife.

Apparently he also put a lot of bizarre videos on YouTube. Mostly SFW, no pedophilia videos. Just odd:

The Dark Room - 0001

This is fun/weird. The videos are about 15 to 30 seconds long, though a few are a bit longer. You are given a choice near the end of each video. I don’t know how many total videos there are to this.

… brickwork slut …:smiley: