Weirdest and Sexiest Costumes from the Original Star Trek - Awesome slide show!

Yes it’s a slide-show, but this time it works. A great blast from the past.

Good memories. Thanks for posting.

Neat. It does bring back (mostly) good memories.

I saw the episode with the fake fur bandoliers and pony tails not too long ago!

I love the aesthetic that developed as a result of not being able to expose any breastage. Methinks there must have been a lot of toupee tape employed to keep some of those costumes in place.

Okay, I don’t see a slideshow - I see a bunch of pictures down the left side of the page and text comments down the right, gradually getting more and more out of sync with the pictures. :frowning:

Click on one of the pics and it will enlarge, giving you a back and forward arrow to review the rest of them.

Fond memories!

Hmm… doesn’t seem to like Google Chrome. I clicked on the pics and just got a full-window zoom version, no arrows.

Seems to work tolerably well on IE. I should probably install Firefox on this laptop for emergencies. :smiley:

Merry Christmas to all!

I agree with one of the comments - how dare they not incluse Leslie Parrish’s pink chiffon outfit from “Who Mourns For Adonais?” That was gorgeous, and held on entirely by the weight of the cape.

That doesn’t work for me in Firefox. You could open the page in 2 different tabs and look at the pic in one and then switch over to the other to read the description since they fall out of sync and you can’t read one and look at its picture without scrolling up and down.

The page must have been set up by someone who was drunk at the time.

Nothing from Mudds Women? I’m surprised.

Love this pic of Diana Ewing from The Cloud Minders. Did they glue that top on?


Ah, yes, Sherry Jackson.:smiley: ETA: And Nancy Kovack!

Let us not forget Susan Denberg!


Not quite SFW

[Most assuredly NSFW](http: // (Remove spaces)

William Ware Theiss was one of the costume designers, and the “Theiss Titillation Theory” is named after him:

Costume designer William Theiss must have ordered double-sided adhesive tape by the truckload. The stuff is so commonly used in runway modeling and fashion photography that it’s often called “fashion tape” or “boob tape.”

Ha, I did not know the kid in Corbomite Manouver was Clint Howard. He actually did a pretty good job, I thought. Eerily adult expressions on a little kid’s face. Which kind of describes Clint Howard more recently as well…

If sexual orientation is something that is programmed at a young age, I’m pretty sure ST is largely responsible for making sure that I love women.