Favorite Star Trek uniform style?

Something I’ve been curious about for awhile, and it seems harmless enough…what’s your favorite Star Trek uniform style?

In order of on-screen appearance (roughly):

Original pilot (and early episodes, w/modifications) uniform.
The Original Series uniforms
Star Trek: The Motion Picture uniforms
Original cast Movie uniforms (2270s-2350s)
Next Generation uniforms (First Season)
TNG Uniforms (With collar, season 2—onwards)
Deep Space Nine/Voyager era uniforms
TNG cast movie/late DS9 uniforms
Star Trek: Enterprise uniforms
Star Trek reboot uniforms

Mirror universe uniforms not included, so as not to skew the results too much. :slight_smile:

I kinda wish the poll system would let us rank the uniforms, but ah well.

Anything Tasha Yarr wore.

You’re missing the uniform from Wrath of Khan through Generations (crew of Enterprise B). Those were some sharp looking uniforms.

I like the original cast movie uniforms for style, TNG cast movie uniforms, and the Enterprise uniforms for looking like a space program.

The original series was always my favorite.

Although I have a soft spot in my heart for the uniform that Sally Kellerman wore. :smiley:

You mean this one?

Yeoman Rand in her mini skirt was da bomb.

Sure, they were the product of the lowest budget of all the Treks, and looked the least like something a quasi-military organization like Starfleet might actually choose as its uniform.
But the design is clean and simple, and the actors generally looked pretty good in them (cough * Nichelle Nichols * cough). Plus, these are arguably the most iconic of all the Trek uniforms.

Star Trek II. The jackets were especially cool.

Are we talking in terms of aesthetics or usefulness?

I suspect that the Enterprise uniforms are the most practical for a working environment. Lots of zippered pockets, two piece, etc. If I were working on a starship, I’d want to wear that.

On pure aesthetics, I loved the black & grey uniforms from the late DS9 seasons/latter three TNG movies. They looked uncomfortably warm, though. The uniforms from Wrath of Khan were also very nice, though they also looked warm.

I’ve also a fondness for the two-piece TNG uniforms, most especially Picard’s backup ensemble with the jacket.

Having recently watched TOS for the first time in at least a decade, I was pleasantly reminded of how smoking Nichols was in the late 60s. Diana Muldaur also filled out her uniform well. And my little sister fell in love with Leonard Nimoy in just his black pants and black t-shirt.

I liked the Ds9/Voyager uniforms best. They seemed more practical and they didn’t constantly ride up like the TNG ones did.

The movie uniforms looked like costumes. Not something peple would actually wear.

The best uniforms were the mini skirts worn by Yeoman Rand and other ladies in the original show.

What about the mini-skirts worn by the men from the first season of TNG? Oh, how we all would like to forget about that.

Yeoman Rand wins it for TOS.

While I like TOS uniforms (but not the movie ones–too frilly), my favorites are TNG uniforms, with the collared ones slightly better. They’re so elegant–clean cuts, color and black pattern, clear but not overbearing rank insignia. Personally, I’d replace all that dark black with a bright white, but black was cool at that time.

The original cast movie uniforms (Wrath of Khan) are the best for style. (Later movies were similar but had variations that weren’t quite the same.) As far as wearability on a daily basis, Enterprise or late DS9 uniforms.

A lot of the jumpsuit varieties don’t flatter most body types.

The miniskirts were great for showing off legs, but not much good for conveying professionalism or military bearing or functionality.

TOS shirts/pants, the pants seemed okay (if no pockets), shirts kinda rode up.

I voted for the later ST:TNG uniforms, although I have a sentimental attachment to the TOS uniforms, esp. Kirk’s Captain’s-discretion wraparound shirt: http://images.yuku.com/image/jpeg/c9c36808568726bf7e10569a9742ddaca0a51a7a.jpg

Ah, yes, the fortunately seldom-seen Starfleet skant:


Which led to the “Picard Maneuver”, the act of pulling your jacket back down after standing (so named because Picard did it all the time).

I like both the later DS9 uniforms and the original cast motion picture uniforms (WOK to TUC) for style, the Enterprise uniforms for practicality, and the TOS uniforms for sheer nostalgia.

A crud, I lost everything I wrote when I voted. D’OH! :smack:

Very quickly:

TOS – classic and iconic, but they shirt and pants ride up during the fight scenes and looks kind of goofy.

TMP – Great look, like an update of TOS. I don’t think this design gets a lot of love and I thought I read somewhere that they were so uncomfortable that all the cast could do is stand around stiffly. I think they look good though and it has the added benefit of Kirk and Scotty not looking like they’re stashing a meteor under their shirts.

WOK on – A little too dressy for a naval uniform. It looks OK, but it’s a little too much.

TNG 1st Season – Nice try, but like a bad marksman, you keep missing the target.

TNG 2nd on – These look good. The two piece unis don’t look like Halloween costumes and they look good but also appear functional for work. Plus the Captain gets his awesome smoking jacket. Is my love for that getting old yet?

DS9/ Voyager – Nice update to the previous look. I like that they look like Starfleet uniforms, but they look like you can work in them.

TNG movie – Now you went a little too far. The movie uniforms with the red coats lasted about 100 years or so, but then Star Fleet decides to change uniforms about 8 times within 10 years. A little too much change without bringing anything to the table.

Enterprise unis – Good work clothes. This is what I’d think a space navy would wear.

Reboot – Harkens back decently to the TOS togs, but they seem a little too sparkly or something. That mesh look on the colored uniforms don’t quite work for me.

All that being said, I voted for DS9/ Voyager uniforms. They look like futuristic space navy work wear to me. TMP uniforms are a close second, maybe they could have used just a dash of color somewhere.