Weirdest herds you've ever named

Anyone have their own names for a grouping of something? You know, like pride of lions, murder of crows, flock of seagulls, etc.?

I tried to think of one for a group of children. You know, the young ones that are running around and screaming? But I couldn’t think of a single word that covered “wanting to immediately castrate myself and go live in a monastary” so I’m going with “a flee of children”.

A covey of rug rats.

I’m trying think of a collective noun for SDMB posters.

A disputation of Dopers? A vociferance of Dopers?

A felony of inmates

Clump of children has a nice ring to it and conveys the emotional revulsion.

A nitpickery of Dopers?

For kids? A mess of rugrats.

Describes them and what they will leave behind.

Not mine, but my favorite one I’ve encountered is “a great deal of Ferenghi”.

Not mine, but my favorite:

A shuffle of zombies.


You think Benson and Stabler might try to solve a crow of murders?

My Dog Crew are The Killer Elite.

There’s a thread over in Thread Games containing exhaustive research into this subject.

Thanks. I’ve never ventured over there.

Took me a moment, but it was well worth it.

I’m surprised that neither this thread nor the one referenced mentions the formal name for these: venereal terms. Read An Exaltation of Larks for a good time.

A pandemonium of children.

I used to call a group of card players a “great deal”

There are a group of drivers I call “The 40MPH people.”

They are drivers who relentlessly tailgate you on city streets with 25MPH or 35MPH speed limits, but the moment the speed limit goes up to 55MPH you leave them in the dust. It’s like they have settled on one speed and that’s what they drive all the time everywhere.

My own collective for crows is a caucus of crows. This just seems so right for them. How about an ignorance of students?

A Crassness of Trumps

An Inconsideration of Trumps?

A Mire of Trumps