Weirdest names you've ever heard

At an international company I worked for, our Philippines office was headed by Manuel Pagan-Colon.

I’m pretty sure that’s a normal, well-respected last name there.

According to a former colleague, there is at least one Shi’Tonya loose in the world. That’s a crucial apostrophe right there.

Also, former Charlotte Observer columnist and current WFAE commentator Tommy Tomlinson, whom I’ve met several times and is a prince.

Although it’s not a weird name on its own, whenever I hear Senator Ron Johnson from Wisconsin on the news, I always have to say that rhyme.

If you hie yourself to the polls in Modesto, CA within the next week, you can vote for Kristi Ah You for mayor!

What kind of name is Ah You? I’d have guessed Chinese or other East Asian. But her husband, Bart Ah You, doesn’t look at all Asian to me.

Polynesian, actually; Junior Ah You was born in American Samoa, though he grew up in Hawaii.

Which reminds me, I’ve seen some campaign signs for a candidate named Chris Bish running for Congress. The slogan is “Send a Bish to Congress.” I don’t think I live in his district though; I don’t recall seeing him on my ballot.

I didn’t think the above Bart Ah You looks any kind of Pacific Islander either. The only Samoan I ever actually met was one Tuatoo Tautalatasi (there’s supposed to be an apostrophe, or 'okina maybe, in there somewhere but I don’t remember where). He just called himself Tasi. He was a genuine bona-fide, hereditary Samoan High Talking Chief!

As our Hawaiian posters can attest, Hawaiian entertainers loved to take contrived sesquipedalian Hawaiian-sounding stage names. In the days when I lived there, we had Nina Kealiiwahamanu and Boyce Kaihiihikapuokalani. Okay, there was also Don Ho.

Some real Hawaiians had beautific names too, such as surfing champion Duke Kahanamoku.

When I was a 2LT in th 70s I ran into a MSGT Officer. I stared at that name tag for a long time before I just decided that was just a name, and not some mysterious rank I slept through a lecture about.

Was his first name Non-Commissioned?

I knew a Tiffany Officer once. When she came to the company where I was working, one waggish co-worker said “I wonder if she knows the other Bond girls.”

I worked with a Lawrence Officer, and speculated about the possibility of a news story featuring him being arrested by an Officer Lawrence.

Some Chinese names here where I live:

Edgar Allan Pe
Christian Dee-Ong
Washington Dy Sy
Chica Go
Johnathan Livingston Sy
Earvin “Magic” Tiongson

I once heard, on the BBC’s worthy classical music station, something German and baroque, at the end of which the presenter said “This may not be what you expect to hear from a Radio 3 announcer, but I can legitimately tell you that that was a piece of Scheidt.”

A couple of names with nothing weird about them on their own, but they did mean that a commentator on an England/West Indies cricket match did a quick recap for anyone just tuned in: “The bowler’s Holding, the batsman’s Willey.”

And somebody in an office I worked in somehow found a US high school yearbook which included an entry for Ginger Minge (if that isn’t a slang word in the US, in British English it is yet another word for a woman’s private parts).

Barefoot Sanders (1925-2008) was a district judge in Texas, and counsel to LBJ.

The 2014 New York Mets had, st one time, three players on their 25-man roster whose names started with a lower case letter – Travis d’Arnaud, Jacob deGrom and Matt den Dekker.

[quote=“Mark_Finn, post:275, topic:915747, full:true”]
Barefoot Sanders (1925-2008) was a district judge in Texas, and counsel to LBJ.

Barefoot is a fairly common surname in Newfoundland. So are Momster and Freake.

I’m off from work this week (the agency is closed all week for the holiday), but I check my work email a few times during the day, just to make sure nothing explodes. I just saw an email from a person at a research supplier with which we do business; his name is Calvin Hobbs. :smiley:

I have completed another volume of my journal, and so have another list.


Anne Pleasant was an anti-suffrage leader in 1919

Bainbridge Colby Wilson’s secretary of state

Robert Doe flew in the Battle of Britain

Douglas Evill Air commodore in the RAF

Rudolf Buttman was a nazi “old fighter”

Sigmund Payne Best OBE & spy

Jerome Kitchen lives in Los Angeles

Bimbo Haspel was the wife of the head of Daimler Benz during & after the war

Noble Wray is a retired policeman in Madison Wisconsin

Amen Dunes is British artist

Amy Frogge serves on the Nashville board of education

For some reason my notes say ”Michael Clear (Ireland) is not Satoshi Nakamoto,” but I do not know what that means.

FBI agent Diamond Outlaw recently arrested Ben Hung.

Wave Crooks was a diver in the Royal Navy

Missy South was recently mentioned in an obituary

Policeman Myles Cosgrove killed Bryonna Taylor

Marc Racicot was governor of Montana

Ben Janloo ran for office in Oklahoma

Rusty Nix lives in Montevallo, Alabama

Holly Cost is the mayor of Montevallo, Alabama

Glen Canada is the speaker of the house in Tennessee

Peregrine Worsthorne recently died at age 99

Dick A Harpootlian is a state senator in North Carolina

Stephanie Pillersdorf is a spokesman for some rich person

Xavier Becerra is a former attorney general of California

Samantha Huge is the athletic director at William & Mary University

Brandon Whipple is the mayor of Witchita, Kansas

Dennis Quak is the president of a police union in New York state

Steve Gallant got a rare Royal pardon. He is both a murderer and a hero

Dickie Arbiter was once the spokesman for Buckingham Palace

Percival L Shangraw was on the Vermont Supreme Court in 1988

Jasmine deBoo heads something called “Proveg International”

Journey Gunderson is the head of the National Cowboy Center

Colin Purrington is a nature photographer

Karen Xie of the University of Denver

Austin Mao lives in Las Vegas

Bob Crow is in the leadership of the Labour Party

Trevor Milton is the head of Nikola electric cars

Bernard Looney head of BP

Bonner Fellers was a brigadier general in the US Army

Green Hackwood was in the US State Department in 1945

Kyle Thousand is an American sports agent

Antony Blinken will be secretary of state. He comes from a distinguished family

Eric Toner is a doctor at Johns Hopkins

Matthew Trump of Iowa seems to be no relation

Bourke Hickenlooper was a US senator from Oowa

Gar Alperovitz lives in Wisconsin

Raja Krishnamoorthi is a congressman


There is a Jermantown Road in Fairfax, Virginia

Humpty Doo is a town in Northern Territory. It has a population of 380

Twisp, Washington has a population of 963

Olyphant, Pennsylvania is in Lackawanna County

Moosic, Pennsylvania is in the “anthracite belt”

Purgatory Correctional Center is in Hurricane, Utah

Colorado suffered the East Troublesome Fire

The National Cowboy Center is in Jamestown, New York

Cheesequake, New Jersey

California, Maryland

Dick Johnson Township, Indiana

Rabbit Hash, Kentucky has elected a dog as mayor

Other stuff

The Jewish Motorcycle Alliance is a thing

O’Bellx Unit is the future of avalanche control and is replacing the GAZEX unit which seems to be the
past of avalanche control

Red Wine and Blue is a group of women who support Joe Biden

The accounting firm of Noiseux, Lyonnais, Gascon, Bedard, Lussier, Senecal & Associates

There are two towns in Scotland, one in Shetland, one in Orkney.
Both towns are named Twatt.
Sadly, neither has ever been represented in the House of Lords.