Welcome Back ChiefScott

As a regular lurker and an occasional poster, I want to welcome ChiefScott back to the foray.

Scott, you’re one of the regs who make this board worth watching. Hope everything is OK with the GF. Alwyas enjoy your contributions.

(if the GF is bothered by compliments from an OldBroad, you’re really in deep shit.)

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Glad to see ya back. Sorry about the pussy whipped comment, though from personal experience, I can say it sometimes beats NOT being whipped… :wink:

Yer pal,

I hate to say I told you so…

I dont mind saying it…

Good to see you back…squid. :slight_smile:
the Wingnut

“…send lawyers, guns, and money…”

 Warren Zevon

Um,… not sure what to say.

But GBS lurked, we talked, she got it.

I do want to say, though, I backed out on my own accord. I knew GBS was uncomfortable w/some of my posts and she needed some time to get used to how the SDMB worked.

There were some heartless posts directed towards her in the “adieu” thread, I think she wants me to avenge her now.

Either way, 'tis good to be able to post again.

Hey Chieff,

What’s the deal here, you’re still with her but you’re allowed to post now ?
You’ve chosen the SD over your woman ? Your woman dumped you because of the SD ?
Well… good to see you back anyways.


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

Chief –

I wanted to ask you this before and regretted it when we thought we’d lost you. Why do you and other military types use “vice” where us civilians would use “versus”? You used it in a post a while back – I can’t remember the topic but if it was, say, sandwiches, you said something like “white vice wheat bread”. The only other times I’ve heard this used (and it was pretty consistently used) was by visiting Air Force personnel. I guess Army visitors have used it to, just to cover the spectrum. Is this accurate and, most of all, why?

“non sunt multiplicanda entia praeter necessitatem”
– William of Ockham

Coldfire –

I was never not allowed to post. I stopped on my own accord, as I’ve said before.

I started dating a beautiful woman about two months ago. As we were getting to know each other several weeks later, I introduced her to the SDMB. As our relationship grew and we fell in love, she expressed a sincere concern about the content of many of my posts to the board. I decided to stop posting because I wasn’t sure what was bothering her.

My “adieu” thread was made to say “so long” to you guys. Girlbysea, my belle, saw that thread and read many of the posts. She was hurt and offended and realized that there was something here that she didn’t understand. That thread enabled me to discuss with her the purpose of the board, the personalities of certain poster, the history I’ve had with them and other board lore.

She was particularly hurt by my flirting, which manifested itself as jealousy and insecurity. We’ve been able to work this problem out.

Also of concern to her was the honesty with which I post. In threads dealing with feelings or passions, I’m quite honest with you guys. I don’t adopt an on line persona (Satan, GOD, et al). Believe it or not kellibelli and other TMers have expressed the same opinion.

I’ve decided to post again. I didn’t have to ask, for I want told to stop. But in deference to GBS I’ll not flirt or post to certain threads anymore. I intend to continue to be honest with my posts, too.

I’ve not chosen a woman over SD and vice versa (Deal with that one, pluto!) and I’ve not become a dumper or dumpee.

pluto –

Versus has the connotation in my mind of “being against or contrasted to” when I use it.

Vice has the connotation of “instead of” when I use it.

Military “vice” versus civilian “versus” and vice versa –

WAG - Vice is used more often verbally in the military 'cause it’s quick to say and it is easy to understand over sound-powered phone and military radios. Sometimes it just bleeds into my writing.

Great to see you back, Scott.

But it’s even better knowing things are good with you and GirlBySea. :slight_smile:

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Thanks for your elaborate answer Chieff, well spoken. I’m glad she’s over the initial ‘shock’ of MB’s and all the crap that goes on on them :wink:

Now, let us all proceed and pretend life is actually NOT this complicated :slight_smile:


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

Ehem. I might once more emphasive my signature line. Seems kind of appropriate now eh :wink:

“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

Thanks for the clarification of that totally unrelated issue, Chief. That helps.

It sounds like you have found a special gal, too. She cares enough to ask the question and then she listens to your answer. Good for her.

“non sunt multiplicanda entia praeter necessitatem”
– William of Ockham