Adieu from ChiefScott

As of today I am voluntarily reducing myself to “lurker” status on the SDMB.

As a confirmed MB flirt, I have seriously jeopardized my relationship with my girlfriend, Girlbysea.

The green-eyed monster reared its ugly head as she perused several threads to which I’ve made posts. The clincher, apparently, was the “24 hours with” thread and the kellibelli/ChiefScott bashfest of valenta8, Brithael and Shitboy.

Chris was also singled out, in Girlbysea’s mind, for my response to her “cheerleader” post in the Byz. v Brith. thread.

My friends, it’s been a great ride while it lasted. I’ll be keeping an eye on ya.

Who knows, I may be able to expain to her the difference 'tween “Cyberspace” and “Real Life” someday. If (when) that day comes, stand by all you Pit dwellers.

And some o’ you guys worry about killing threads!!!

If I may paraphrase mangeorge:
peace, out.

p.s. Oh, have I told you Brithael bites?


Scott, PLEASE don’t quit! You’re one of the best posters here. Please please puhleeeessse.



Leslie Irish Evans

Oh, no, that would be a real loss. Your posts are always funny, pointed and sane.

I commiserate w/ Girlbysea, but honestly, there is huge difference b/w slinging BS back in style and the cyber danger zone. Truly, I speak as one whose spouse used the Net as a romantic hunting ground.
(EX spouse, you may be sure.)

Your exchanges don’t REMOTELY fall into that category. You just take the BS and lob it right back, straight and strong, sometimes with a little spin just to confuse the enemy.

Since Girlbysea shares your life, she comes first, but I can’t believe she isn’t blessed as well w/ common sense and good heart. Is there any possiblity she could be persuaded to join the teeming million herself?

At any rate, I have enjoyed your posts and wish both you and your lady well.

Lesson learned: only date Luddites.

“My hovercraft is full of eels.”

I’ve read your posts as well, Scott, and I can say you will be missed.

I never got the impression that any of your flirting was anything more than harmless fun.

I’m glad to have gotten the chance to read some of your posts. You are a riot.

So…you get to stay in Lurker mode, huh? Can we name you St. ChiefScott of the SDMB? Can we elevate you to quasi-diety status? I would personally love to be able to say things like

“By the hoary breath of St. ChiefScott! You really DO bite, Brithael!”

Good luck with the two of you. It was a pleasure.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

This is really sad :frowning:

I just can’t believe your lady is so insecure. IT’S A JOKE! I’m one of the worst offenders of offering up sexual banter but if anyone out here takes it seriously GET A CLUE! I have never met nor do I care to meet up with ANYONE out here! And for the guys sending me personal e-mail I don’t cyber and if that’s what you are looking for I will not respond to your mail at all.

No offense to anyone who has or does but it just isn’t my style. I did it once and that was enough. Too scary and possibly dangerous!

Well, honey, I will miss you and hope you can get your lady to understand the difference between harmless flirting and doing the nasty in a hall closet.

And lay off Brithael for a while! (Oh dear God, did I type that? Yes, I did) Go get Kryptonite!

Umm, well, ooooh-kaaaay.

I honestly have no idea how I’m supposed to react to this, especially having been singled out… the only thing coming to mind is a very valley-girl-esque "What-everrr"

While you’re gone, ChiefScott, I trust you’ll take time to teach Girlbysea the concept behind “Humour”.

We’ll miss you!

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

There are a few who may not be that sad to see you leave, but that won’t be the case of the great majority of us, I would venture to say. If it all boils down to your girlfriend’s somewhat radical reaction to what she seems to perceive as “improper behaviour”, I would like to add my voice to the chorus of supporters of the innocent bantering school of thought. Of course, Girlbysea knows you better than any of us here, but I would hazard that all of it was done in the general spirit that characterizes the exchanges here, i.e. wit doubled with a good dose of humour.

Personal plea to Girlbysea: This practice is quite common among Internet friends who have been interacting for a good period of time. Nothing serious ever comes out of it in 99% of the cases. Of course, there’s always that 1%. But ask yourself the question: Are those odds less in “real life”? C’mon Girlbysea: be a good sport and let ChiefScott play a little while longer.

PP.S.: Looks like more and more of the best of them are leaving ship (no pun intended, Chief) for various reasons.

Bit sad.

oh, Hells Bells, Chief, I’m sorry if I helped get you in trouble. Girlbysea, please believe me, I was only playing around flirting on here. I am 1) married for 21 years, and 2)as near as I can figure at least 5 years older than the Chief. My husband reads everything I post. I have no real interest in any of the men on this or any board. I’m sorry if my post’s caused you any problem.


I rule the King of the jungle

I had a similiar thing happen to me. I have a good friend (who lives in another state), and he started dating someone. She found out that he has a female (gasp!) friend and forbade him from talking to me. We did the majority of our communicating by e-mail and Instant Messages because that was cheaper than a long distance call.

Everytime I’d go online and try to talk to him she’d be there and give him hell. So we devised a code. If I IMed him and he mentioned that word I’d stop chatting with him, or he’d IM me first using the codeword. We both knew that she was just being childish but I didn’t want to ruin his relationship and he didn’t want to stop being my friend. Thankfully he dumped her about 3 months later. She got mad if he went to the grocery store without her, she got mad when he spoke to any other women (she interpreted it as “You are speaking to her, therefore you are flirting”, even if it was obviously NOT flirting). Anyway, there are people out there who just don’t get it.

Sometimes life is so great you just gotta muss up your hair and quack like a duck!

Someone is pussy whipped if you ask me…

I know - Treading on some dangerous C#3 territory there, but I calls 'em like I sees 'em…

Good lord! Since I started posting here, all sorts of people are taking off! Does this go on all the time, or was it something I said?

Nothing you said, just someone, let’s see… ChiefScott who can’t stand up! Lame ass! I take back my first post. Go to:
Let me rephrase that post here:

You weak assed sister! I can’t believe you are pulling this shit because SOMEONE is so fucking insecure. My God! Why don’t I just let my homophobic sister dictate my life and I go out right now and get myself a man (any man) that will beat the fuck out of me, treat me like shit, tell me what to think and what to do just so she DOESN’T think I’m gay!

Yeah, no shit. My sister thinks just because I’m not desperately seeking male companionship to rule my life I’m gay (oh and the weights, more than 1 cat, she has a whole fucking list). Lame? Yes! Hello? How fucking stupid and ridiculous can you get? Why don’t I just let her dictate my entire life?

Okay, so she gets her way. Now, I’m living with a man in my home. He’s a Nazi but doesn’t understand why my family doesn’t accept him. He calls me names, puts me down all the time but I keep scrambling to please him. Why? Because after letting him into my life all the other people I care about have left. So, he tells me what to do. Oh, okay, I can’t come out here any more, he’s too insecure about it. So I stop. And I can’t see any of my other friends in real life because he’s insecure about that too. So, what do I have left. Oh, yeah, him. He’s the be all, end all, is all of everything. Well thank God he loves me or I’d just have to shoot myself since no one else does!

Oh, yeah, that’s love. That’s true acceptance. Man, I really wish I had what you do. NOT!

God, I’ve got more balls than you!


Gonna miss ya, big guy.

You’re going to leave a big hole with your departure.

Any way we can make you change your mind?

Maybe a new name? We won’t tell.

If you’re an optimist, you haven’t been paying attention.

Oh, yeah, and have I posted how ChiefScott bites? And how hard his lady-love sucks? Gee, just wanted to make sure I made that clear. WANKER!

I will now lock myself in my cyber tower and await the return of my …

Wait a minute! This was all just for fun!!

Almost all my closest freind are guys, and thier wives love me!! There is no more trust worthy gal than me…

A) You never should have told her about the SDMB

B) You should never have used your own name.

C) you’ll be back… :wink:

*cyber kisses,
Kelli *

kellibelli – you are just way more nice than me. I love you! :slight_smile:

Oh, and have I mentioned how ChiefScott’s new bitch inhales deeply?

How Fucking Retarded
CheifScott? Aren’t you a little old to be dating 14 year olds? Someone that insecure needs therapy, I swear.

“Cluemobile? You’ve got a pickup…”
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Twice with the retarted word in one morning…how fucking original…pick up thesaurus!

Not everyone is a free-love slut Opal.

Contestant #3

Looks like you need to pick up a dictionary, Spanky.

It is spelled “RETARDED”, you retard.

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