Welcome kdj997!

Welcome to the SDMB and The Pit for you first post!
Please don’t drink and shit on Cecil!

Bleah, that one’s no fun. A good drive-by troll ought to at least have a 5000 word jeremiad full of RanDOM CApS and punc!!!tuation and cites from dubious web pages. That thread actually turned into a serious discussion, utterly lacking the frothing-mouthed sentence-by-sentence rebuttals that almost, but not quite, address the counterarguments made by serious posters.

I humbly submit that I cannot enjoy this pitting unless kdj997 gives me something more substantial to point & laff at.

Agreed, urt. He has ONE post - he hasn’t even come back to either defend his OP or admit the error of his ways. Sparky himself wasn’t even involved. Weak sauce.

An appropriate username responded to the OP in that thread.