Welcome my hubby to the boards!

Welcome stormchaser!

He has been lurking for a while, and finally decided to post!


Welcome to the SDMB, stormchaser! Very cool user name – is there a story behind it?

Be welcome. Enjoy your stay.

Welcome aboard. You’re not Mr. T?

mumble Khadaji beat me by two minutes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, stormchaser! Enjoy your time here, and your resultant lack of non-SDMB free time coming up very soon!

Hello sir. Do you really chase storms? Like in the movie Twister? Do you have a closet full of ribbed T’s?

[ul]So why isn’t it **mrstee **:confused:[/ul]

Welcome stormchaser!

Welcome to the boards, stormchaser. I believe we’ve met previously in the hot tub party thread over whipped cream and peanut butter. The foot mask offer still stands, BTW.

May all your posts be on topic and spelling-errer free.


Are people in Iowa really disagreable? Is it eye-oh-wa or eye-O-way? Do instrument-peddling con artists routinely hop off the train into your town to seduce lonely but surly librarians in your town?

Because I am not a Mrs T, I am a Misty.

So… Will stormchaser play mistee for me? :wink:

Welcome, sir, to the board. May you never be Pitted!

Hello all and thank you for the warm welcome,

I am Stormchaser— Master of everything and nothing.
I have humbly come before you fellow dopers in the interest of man to help resolve all things said and unsaid.

Born of free will and spirit have been sent to you from the planet Zurg to fullfill your fantasies or the fantasies of your SO. since 1969. For any further assistance please stay on the line and keep all hands and feet withing the cockpit… Your call will be answered shortly in the order it was received.
As for the name — those of you who have met my SO can attest to the fact of her stormy and mysterious demeaner. combined with the fact that she is an Irish redhead makes for some very interesting times. Thus the name Stormchaser was born onto this world.
I hope to swap war stories and opinions with all and make you all go insane from the intriguing conversations to be presented here within.
See you on the boards

Oh, and by the way horseflesh the peanutbutter mask really does work.

We welcome you, stormchaser - down here in Texas we’ve seen a few tornados from time to time. :cool:
I’m also an Irish (heritage) redhead (now blonde) so take care of the little woman, and we look forward to speaking with you.

Oh, and – avoid The Pit.

I don’t have to take my own advice!!

Welcome, stormchaser! Always good to have more people on here with a weird sense of humor. You’ll fit in well. :stuck_out_tongue: