Welcome our new moderator, RickJay

RickJay is joining us in The Game Room, where we hope to [del]relentlessly exploit his sports knowledge[/del] have full advantage of his expertise in sports and his assistance elsewhere as needed.

Please welcome him with the usual honors. :slight_smile:

Welcome, RickJay! Looking forward to seeing those jackboots in action!

Jolly good!


Starts pawing through the compost heap.
Hold still.

No need to ask RickJay if he’s a mod or a rocker, I guess.

Woohoo, can’t wait [del]to start a pit thread about him[/del] to make use of his sports know-how!
Nice going, RickJay!

Welcome to the team, RickJay!

Prepare the squid. :smiley:

Congratulations, RickJay on your promotion to Game Room Overlord.

Congrats RickJay! FWIW I think you’ll make a good Mod.


Congrats! I think you’ll be a welcome addition!

This is excellent. It’ll be good to have a mod familiar with sports and sports-related board drama around. There’s been a lot of good-natured ribbing that’s been moderated in the past that gets retracted after the thread explains to the mod what’s going on.

A fine choice indeed.

I think I have a pair with low heels and contrast stitching he can borrow. :smiley:

Excellent move! RickJay’s a dude!


Who was modding The Game Room?

The other Game Room mods are fluiddruid and Gukumatz.

Congratulations RickJay

Fetch the cream pies.

They let CANADIANS be mods?
Even worse, they let Blue Jay fans be mods???

What else are they good for?

I kid, I kid.

Welcome, RickJay.


Anybody else read that as “Welcome our new moderator overlord, RickJay”?

Um, yes, welcome.