Welcome SHANA!!!!!

Hi there - newest member, Shana my friend. Welcome to the SDMB - I hope you love it.


Hi Shana!

Take your shoes off, sit a spell. Enjoy your stay here.

We don’t bite, just nibble.


hiya Shana.



Gosh thanks! I feel warm and fuzzy all over. Looking foward to being nibbled on…


Greetings, Shana. I am very much a Newbie myself (see pathetic post count) but it’s nice to welcome someone even greener than I am.

nibble nibble


Whoa, I actually have a higher post count than half this board. Woohoo!! :cool:

Oh, and welcome, Shana! :slight_smile:


Hi Shana, and welcome. Do I detect from your idioms that we are welcoming another English person to the board?

I forsee you being VERY popular then.

Welcome to the SDMB!

Looking forward to learning how Shana feels about appearing English. :slight_smile: Oh, be Scottish instead, Shana! :slight_smile: She is in the U.S.A. but I’ll leave it to her to mention which part, if she wants to.

Be welcome. Enjoy your stay.

Thank you everyone! I do feel most welcome:)

Oh, and thank you Celyn for explaining my unenglishness…lol. Actually, I was raised in NY and now live in PA. It’s funny though, many people have asked me if I’m English. Which is just so odd since I don’t think I have an accent. It must be those pesky idioms I’ve been using…unbeknownst to me…lol.:wink:

Be careful of the Ring, it will corrupt you!
And don’t go into the pit, there be Dragons and Demons there!

Welcome to the SDMB.

OH I’m sure Shana is incorruptible!:smiley:

har har har


No no no no. I am highly corruptible!!! Honest! Corrupt me! Corrupt me!


Allow me to reiterate my early statement:
I forsee you being VERY popular.

There was a comics character named Shana .

“Shana The Jungle Queen”.

She was gorgeous, & ran around in a leopard-skin bikinni.

Are you a Jungle Queen?

If so, yer gonna be very, very popular! :smiley:


Hmm, well it’s a bit cold here in PA right now. I’ve retired my leopard skin bikinni and now wear an extremely unsexy uniform of a tartan scarf, beret, down jacket and wellington boots…I’m afraid my popularity is going to plumet considerably…Ah well…sigh…it was fun while it lasted!!:wink: