Welcome to our new mod, tomndebb

I’m happy to announce that tomndebb, veteran poster at the SDMB, has agreed to moderate the General Questions forum starting immediately. Please join me in extending him a warm welcome, although preferably not so warm he quits on the first day. Glad to have you with us, Tom.

Welcome! A great addition to the mod cadre.

I cannot imagine a better choice.

Tom~ has been a valued, intelligent, erudite, polite, and likeable fellow for as long as I’ve known him.

(OMFG, thats over five years now, isn’t it?)

I sincerely like and respect the man.

Good choice, Ed. And all best, Tom~–you’ll do a splendid job.

Now, anyone have the over/under on his first Pitting?

Good choice Ed.

Congrats Tom!

I can only agree with with the former posters. (Would have liked it even more to have him moderate GD).

Salaam. A

Well done! Jolly good!

Welcome aboard, Tom!



Dude! Sweet!

I mean, congratulations, I’m sure you’ll do a fantastic job.


Can’t think of anyone better for the job.

I hope he will continue to bring his brand of informed, intelligent, calm and rational discourse in other fora.


Wait, wait, wait. If Members get goats, and Charter Members get goats and calamari (or Tentacle Monster when the squid is busy), what do Mods get? What’s their initiation?

Well…until we figure it out, welcome tomndebb!

Hey, Little Ed is crossposting! :eek:
Welcome to our new mod, tomndebb in GQ!
He can’t do that, can he?

He can?? Because he’s Cecil’s representative on Earth?

M’kay. :cool:

Merry Christmas, indeed. :slight_smile: Congratulations, tomndebb!

Well, it’s been two hours and you haven’t even dropped the hammer once. :wink: I guess we can unceremoniously jump to the Q&A phase?

So, do expect to stay a Mod for an extended period, or are you just temporarily subbing in for someone else? (Honestly, between here and Fathom, I don’t know how you’ll have a life in the Meatosphere. Thanks for taking the extra time for us.)

Do you and the other Mods and Admins have any specific plans for the GQ forum?

More importantly,does he take bribes? :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats Tom. That’s a nice Christmas present you sprang on us Ed !

Wow - what great news! It couldn’t have happened to a nicer genius. Thanks for volunteering tom~.

Y’know, I always assumed tomndebb’s name indicated two people, either a couple or a brother and sister. So, did we get two new moderators?

David Letterman tells us that "when you assume, you make ass out of Uma Thurman." I feel assured that it’s true, though that drags in yet another actress.