Welcome to our new mod, tomndebb

I’m happy to announce that tomndebb, veteran poster at the SDMB, has agreed to moderate the General Questions forum starting immediately. Please join me in extending him a warm welcome, although preferably not so warm he quits on the first day. Glad to have you with us, Tom.

Yeah, I know I’m crossposting. Sue me.

Since I already said ‘Welcome’ in the ATMB thread, does this mean I’m cross-replying?

Who is this “tomndebb” person? What does this young scamp bring to the moderating table?

Welcome aboard! :wink:


Say, you don’t happen to know what the 3 words ending in “gry” are, do you?

Good choice.

Hey, great. Since tomndebb are two people they can work the boards twice as long as the other mods. 48 hours a day!


Congrats, tomndebb! Have you decided whether or not you’ll be crooked? :wink:

Seriously, I’ve always appreciated your efforts to give helpful answers to questions the OP actually asked, even if the thread has been hijacked to hell.


Does this mean we’ll no longer get your lucid, well thought out responses?

I, for one, welcome our new jack-booted overlords…

Finally got tired of hearing you guys begg, did he? :wink:

friend tomndeb,


Way Cool… Congrats Tom…

tomndeb Welcome. :slight_smile:

Finally, you bring some quality into the ranks.

On a more serious note:

After this post I have finally clicked that it’s Tom ‘n’ Deb, and not Tom Dneb

Merry Christmas everyone!

Congrats Tom! :slight_smile:

(Why do they always pick the sensible ones?)

I’m destroyed! Tomndeb sold out for unlimited power and a coffee cup. I’ll never go into GQ again. Well, except to see if anyone has answered my failing thread.

Come to think of it, I better hedge my bets. I think you’ll just be the bestestest mod ever, tomndeb. Oh frabjous day! Felicitations galore!

[sup]There, that should pacify that uppity dude.[/sup]

I, for one, welcome our new GQ overlord.

Congrats, tomndebb! You’ve always been one of the most even-tempered and informative posters on this board. Hope you can keep General Questions in line.


It’s about time! :smiley:

Congratulations, tomndebb! I can’t think of a better person to have the position (okay, maybe one or two equal people, but nobody better).

I, for one, welcome our new tomndeb overlord… err, moderator.


Let the highly articulate smackdowns begin! :smiley: