Well, crap. I think I broke my foot.

Remember last June when I ran my way into a stress fracture and ended up in a cast? Yeah, same foot.

I came home from the family turkey day yesterday, got the dog out of the back seat, started to go in the house and then thought, I wonder if I locked the side door after I took all the stuff out of the car through it? So I went to check, and you know how sometimes a concrete driveway will be a bit taller than the dirt next to it? It was hidden by leaves, plus it was dark and I had the dog, and my foot landed right on the edge and my ankle turned under and I went down right on top of it. Hurt like hell and I thought I’d reinjured that ankle.

Now I know, nope, whatever I did I did to the foot, right there in that hollow at the side away from the arch, you know, in front of and to the outside of your ankle. It’s swollen and it hurts like a stone bitch and I can’t sleep and you know that my insurance is NOT going to call it an emergency. It’s got to be broken - the pain is constant and keeping me awake, not just when I move it. Of course, no compression bandages in the house, so I gave up and got out of bed to ice it. Limping on it is a pain I don’t really like to describe on a family internet.

It sucks so hard I can’t even tell you. There goes that marathon again. I don’t even know what the hell to do about it, since my primary care physician is probably not open Thanksgiving Friday. I guess I call at 9 to see if they’re open and if they aren’t then gird my loins to, urgh, talk to the insurance company. Thanks for preemptively ruining Christmas, foot.

ETA - oh, the car door? Locked anyway. And the boyfriend drove up not thirty seconds later - if he’d just been his usual leadfoot self he would have been there and distracted me and it wouldn’t even have happened. As it was I had to get up with the damned dog’s help.

Damn - Here is hoping it is just a bad sprain, but whatever it is, it sucks.

I hope it isn’t as bad as you fear, and that heals quickly, Zsofia


Eeeesh. Sorry to hear it. Did you manage to get in and see the doc yet?

Wait, stress fracture on a foot? That might explain my three months of foot pain this fall. It’s finally clearing up now, but it drove me crazy - I didn’t do anything to injure this foot, yet it hurt every day.

Sorry to hear you’ve re-injured yours, Zsofia. You don’t appreciate walking until you hurt your foot, I’ll say that.

Two hours now in the urgent care clinic waiting room and I’m not even next. (Amusingly, this was right after the 300 word worst thanksgiving contest - maybe I win?)

Sounds like a sprain to me, I don’t know if its possible to break a foot that way, I would think the ankle would break first.
Elevate and ice.

How far off is the marathon? You can still cross train on that ankle in about a week or so.

Hang in there, it will heal.

Well, I kind of ended up on top of the foot with the foot on the point of the concrete edge. Not that I’ll ever find out. Headline News is recycling and I’m about to yank the cord out of the wall - why on earth must every waiting room have a tv blaring? Why am I thr only one here with a book?

No fun! Sending a wish out that it is not serious and for a speedy recovery.

Three hours later, crutches and a compression bandage - probably a sprain. Whew. Crutches suck, though.

Thats better than a break. RICE it, take anti-inflammatories, and use an Arnica based rub (Natures Kiss/AntiFlamme is my favorite but may not be available in the States).

All the best and I hope it heals real quick.


I’ve broken my foot in exactly the same place and same manner, twist it the right way and it fractures, no treament other than four weels of rest.

I can remember using Lamaze breathing techniques to try to handle the pain from just a Jones fracture on my foot. It hurt unbelievably! Feel better NOW!

Tell me about it. I was on them for 20+ weeks. Just got off them two weeks ago. Today at the gym I walked on the treadmill without holding on for the first time since I broke my hip. See it could be worse! I got better and so will you! Good luck!

dang bad luck. I was rooting for a fracture; 4 weeks of rest. Best of luck with sprain, Those damn things are worse then fractures. so sorry

Don’t listen to these people and their fancy-schmancy medications. Show your foot who’s boss. You sit it down and TELL it to heal. And if the swelling doesn’t go down immediately, give it a good smack.

Of course, you COULD take the wimp’s way out and use what might be called “sane and acceptable procedures”, but I’d be very disappointed in you.

It actually feels a lot better this morning - I mean, it hurts when I walk on it, but it doesn’t hurt much just to move the toes and all. Which makes me feel furious for sitting in that stupid waiting room with the goddamned Headline News. :slight_smile: (Granted, it could be the naproxen.)

Poor Zoafs! I’m glad it wasn’t broken.