Well, damn. I guess I'll watch GOT now then.

My original plan was to wait until the season was over, and then binge it at my leisure. But all the magor news website seem intent on spoilering it for me.

I mean, I haven’t watched a single episode of S8 yet and already I know there is a sex scene I’m supposed to be “shocked” by. I know other things too but I don’t want to spoil it for anybody reading this thread. Lol.

Wish they had an app that would hide any GOT articles on the websites.

Also coworkers, I love ya, but please STFU about GOT! :slight_smile:

Well we hadn’t seen the direwolves in a while or warging used that way before…

Maybe, but an awful lot of the sex has always been doggy-style.

I have watched all the other seasons when they were done, but I subscribed to HBO to watch these as they air because I knew that spoilers would be inescapable. I feel your pain.

Game of Thrones has watercooler status, similar to sports. You can’t really not watch it live.

Don’t all seasons of that show have sex scenes? And the media is going to talk about any sex scenes they can, because sex sells, so of course any sex scene is “shocking”, as that gives them an excuse to talk about it.

True, but from what I understand, some folks are upset because there is a particular scene that borders kiddie porn. Or something like that.

Heck, I’ve binged the entire show in just the last month and I’m glad I wasn’t with it from the beginning - I’d never have had enough patience with it.

Not even close, unless you imagine the person to still be the same age as they were when the series started.

I don’t even know what scene is supposed to be a “shocking” sex scene?

Have you watched this season at all? There’s only been three sex scenes this season, only one of which features a young individual.

[spoiler]Obviously it’s the sex scene between Arya and Gendry. When Arya started on the show she was a child. Although the actress who plays her was 21 in that scene, some people still think of Arya as a child. And Arya has hardly shown a glimmer of sexuality of any kind before this point.

There’s also an implied scene between Cersei and Euron, although off camera, which might be surprising but given the depravity of both characters hardly shocking.

And Bronn is shown romping with three naked prostitutes. But such scenes are no longer shocking on the show but just par for the course.[/spoiler]

Well, at least they could have avoided using a zombie wolf. Especially in this position. I didn’t think it was physiologically possible.

With the current pedophilia scare, anything that is even remotely evocative of it is likely to cause problems. And on top of her size, she has a rather childish face. It’s not just a matter of viewers having seen her when she was still underage. It’s a matter of her looking underage now. People are obsessed with pedophilia, see it everywhere, and many are outraged by anything that can be perceived as evocative of it even if they know that the character in fact isn’t underage.

I draw 3D erotica. Depicting a woman the size of Arya having sex would generate reports for child porn, regardless of the context. You’re better off only showing women with big boobs, large hips and 5’11" tall.

Better play it safe and give her a Bob Dylan tattoo as well.

I’ve never seen a single episode of GoT. Saying that I plan on binge watching it is my way of ensuring that nobody will discuss it around me.

You guys think it’s bad trying to watch the show not exactly in sequence… try not watching it at all and waiting on the books!

Eventually news sites, TV commercials and clickbait sites just start thinking it’s ok to spoiler all sorts of stuff because it was on TV a couple of years ago.

The funny thing is that social media has been full of “OMG Don’t spoil Endgame!!!” stuff for weeks and people have seemed pretty good about it (at least in the corners where I hang out) but there were GoT spoilers up in damn near real time across Facebook, etc. I guess people figure that if you weren’t watching it as it first broadcast then sucks to be you.

Pretty much. Reaction videos are more intense then sports even. With some you’d think someones World Cup team had won with a last second goal.

I get the OP…but at this point pretty much everyone at my work and on FB have thrown spoiler rules out the window. And anyone who is waiting to watch with their semi-interested SO’s are just screwing themselves.

I have seen this season so far and I didn’t even think of that. I guess that shows how “shocking” that was. :rolleyes:

Bob Dylan tattoos have some special story attached to them? Or it’s just because Bob Dylan fans, nowadays, are likely to not be terribly young anymore?

Anyway, in fact, this kind of things plays a part. Didn’t really consider tattoos, even though I did some images of tattoo-wearing women, but for instance with heavy make-up the exact same character will be perceived as being older because make-up is associated with adulthood in people’s mind.